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Our Thank You Letter
to our Dental Clients

July 1, 2000

Thank you for the professional relationship we've enjoyed at North Shore Dental. Dentistry has been my passion since writing my first jr. high school paper on "Teeth" in 1956 (we still have that paper -- got an A++ on it, too!). Building North Shore Dental since '72 provided the most rewarding growth Lou & I have ever experienced. We are grateful.

It took a six year search to locate the world-class dentist you deserve and we found him in '96. We've worked closely with Dr. Don Reid at North Shore since '97 as a full partner. Dr. Don purchased North Shore Dental in July and he will care for you with excellence and compassion. He introduced Dr. Roy DeLappe to the practice in August. These two will transform North Shore Dental, already the Premiere Dental Practice, into a global teaching facility attracting dental teams from around the world, just as Dr. Don's marvelous facility in Ridgecrest, California did before he moved to Tahoe. You'll enjoy experiencing the transformation!

This profession is still my passion ... and now we have another! I'll never retire from dentistry. In '66-'69 I enjoyed a three-year leave of absence to meet Lou & grow personally. Now it's time for another three-year Sabbatical to re-meet Lou & experience more personal growth. This time, we're not growing alone, we're taking lots of people along with us on a marvelous vehicle, our new passion since '97.

I have some rather visionary goals concerning perpetuation of the finest & most noble experiment in the universe: humanity ... like survival, rejuvenation & migration. CLICK HERE That requires some extra-ordinary resources & skills. Nikken is the vehicle to acquire those personal skills.

My studies (and often unfortunate self-experimentation) during the last 30 years on pathways to Optimal Health have led us thru dozens of alternative approaches & finally to Natural Hygiene in '80, CLICK Instinctive Living in '90 and to the final integration called "Five Pillars of Health" in '97. Starting with closed-minded skepticism in '97, Lou & I have studied, researched and experimented with every aspect of the Nikken phenomenon and have concluded that it's the greatest opportunity in the history of the world to attain whatever goals one has; it may even be our best chance to save our planet, even our species. CLICK

The timing is no longer something we can ignore! People, especially the trend-setting Boomers, are at last being forced by economics & reality to adopt a pro-active mindset toward their health, the preventive concept we've taught since '72. Our company is poised with it's 25-year history, impeccable integrity and financial stability to accelerate and benefit from the new health awareness by helping millions of humans attain optimum health and a balanced life through the philosophy of the Five Pillars of Health, "Humans Being More". We have committed to work with our company organization full time for the next three years before deciding when & where to return to dentistry. Our company' philosophy will always be a major part of our lives. We look forward to continuing to work with you for many years .. if not in dentistry, then perhaps in our company!.

'ealth, 'appiness & freedom to ya,

Robert E. Wynman, DDS

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