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The Press Release



North Shore Dental, Tahoe's Gentle Dental Team of Carnelian Bay since 1972, passed from Lou & Bob Wynman's ownership to Dr. Don Reid of Ridgecrest, California. Based on a philosophy of preventive dentistry nearly unknown in the dental schools in the 60's & early 70's and coached by Bob's dad, Wilbur Wynman, a self-made giant in the dental supply and manufacturing industry and by some of the most forward-thinking minds in the dental profession, including Omer Reed of Phoenix, Jack Anderson of Wayzata, Minnesota, ADA president Burt Press and Covert Bailey, Lou & Bob quickly built a most successful & respected preventive dental practice. Yes, in the early 70's Covert Bailey was teaching dental teams to teach their clients preventive dentistry ... how to not need dentists ... before he became famous for the Fit or Fat books. He spent a lot of time with Lou & Bob, even moving to Tahoe for several years "because of Lou's cooking & hospitality".

April, 1977, the 215 Carnelian Bay Road hi-tech/hi-touch professional facility that Lou designed inside & out was completed & the practice moved from its original location next to the Magic Carpet Golf course to it's present home. That move attracted many general dentist & specialist associates & partners & in 1990, a search began for the ideal dentist of share the practice. In 1996, Dr. Don Reid, guided by a few North Shore Dental client/patients, found the Wynmans & after a few visits to his exceptional Ridgecrest practice, Lou, Bob & the North Shore Dental Team invited Dr. Don to share their office & he became a full partner in '97. Dr. Don is the world-class dentist they'd been searching for since '90 and his vision is to transform the practice into a world-class teaching facility similar to his Ridgecrest palace. Lou & Bob wanted to share the relationships they've built with clients from around the country with the highest quality dentist. Dr. Don Reid is that dentist.

Dr. Bob says this is a wonderful time to be practicing dentistry. "Technology is exploding, people are appreciating our care more, I'm getting real good at it and I love it. We've been earning a very comfortable financial AND "psychic" (warm-fuzzies) income practicing about 15 days per month in our state-of-the-art facility in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet." So why leave it now? In one word:" PRAXIS--the integration of belief with behavior--Since '97, Bob & Lou have been studying a phenomenon, a 25-year old organization with the vision of World Peace, based on the Five Pillars of Health & a 200-year plan to re-create a human-friendly environment on our planet .... and planet-friendly humans to live on it. As long as our company maintains its vision, integrity, quality & directed action, as it has since 1975, Lou & Bob will be working with the company.

"To learn more details about the company &/or to join us in this adventure click here"

Dr. Bob will never quit dentistry -- he loves it, it's been his life for 40 years & he's getting pretty good at it. But our adventure is the most worthwhile endeavor he's ever been involved with as a health professional, so 7/14/00, Lou & Dr. Bob begin a three-year sabbatical leave from dental practice for personal growth and to help our company build into North America, Europe and Australia. They find the timing irresistible.


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