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BIOPRO Technology

Lou's, last son, Erik Johnson, one of the finest dental lab technicians on the planet, serving in our lab and his own lab for the last 15 years of so & probably the world's foremost expert in mold sensitivities, mold remediation & the relationships of various toxins to the human body.

He's recently discovered a company called BioPro that is attracting technologies, such as the QLink, recommended by Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, many top scientists, golf pros, etc.

We'd like your opinion on the company & products so that we can help Erik either be unbelievably successful with this new venture or get the hell out before he makes a fool of himself & us.

Please click here to visit Energy4Health.com & checkout the technologies & the business opportunity & let us know what you think.

From our preliminary evaluation, we think Erik's found a winner. The company is very sound, it turns out we even know some of the top leaders, the technology is proven effective for a problem, electromagnetic pollution, that is becoming increasingly well known by the public. In short, this company's business is likely to exceed their conservative growth projections and international rapid expansion. Most start-up companies like this flop. We don't think this one will. Their founders have many decades of successful networking experience, they've created multi-million dollar companies & they don't need more money. They're doing this one because it sorely needed & it's an obvious winner. And there are only about 1,000 distributors world-wide. Erik is 4th level to the company & we know the other three pretty well.

Lou & I have determined that the owners/founders & the top people in the company have integrity and also the experience, knowledge and capital to create a very successful global company. 95% of new networking companies fail within two years. The other 5% become fabulously successful. The three top people in BioPro have about a century of network experience between them. They have records of amazing success and they have the right products at the right time.

We think this one will be one of the 5%. I suspect it'll be bought by another company or eventually out-competed in 2-5 years, whereas Nikken will likely keep growing for generations ... but maybe not. We've been prospected for dozens of new companies in the last 7 years & we've studied many of them because people in our Nikken group have also been prospected & asked our opinion. We even joined 2-3 of them to learn more ... and backed away from them all ... even some excellent ones.

Erik's sponsors in BioPro are trusted friends we've known and respected for many years and are totally dedicated to helping Erik and his team grow rapidly.

We'll be with Nikken for life ... or until they betray our trust. It's our first and last network marketing company. So, we won't join BioPro. But we also want their magic chips on our cell phones, vehicles & the QLink on our, bodies, so might as well buy from Erik & help him and his future business partners, including you and those you care about with their goals in the Five Pillars of Health (healthy mind, body, finances, family, society ... details at Wellness-forever.com). We're not alone in helping Erik rapidly create a global health-oriented BioPro business. Erik has assembled a personal team of powerful and business-savvy consultants/ partners, many whom Lou & I have known and respected for years.

The BioPro Technologies are right in line with Nikken's concept of a Wellness Home, a protective healthful cocoon of wellness energies.

We ARE in the right place at the right time.

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