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James Allen
"As a Man Thinketh"
The basis for much of Bob
Proctor's work ... an essential classic!--rw

Vernon Howard
The Power of Your Supermind
One of my goals in the Healthy Mind area since I began consciously setting goals in the early 70's has been to learn to more effectively use my conscious & subconscious mind & I've learned more on that subject from Bob Proctor since 6/98 than I'd learned in the previous 50 years (visit him & learn more at www.bobproctor.com). We're reviewing another tool for this self-discovery process in his Mentor Study Group that I'd never heard of: "Power of your Super-Mind", by Vernon Howard, New Life Foundation, AZ. Howard defines SuperMind as "the mental faculty that is above and beyond the conditioned human thought (awareness, consciousness, the Silent Mind, the True Self, the only force capable of changing the human jungle of frustration." He deals with the esoteric, our non-physical side, as opposed to the exoteric, our physical side.
One interesting observation, Howard notes that as most people age, they have fewer & fewer friends & that this is not particularly healthy nor necessary. We've noticed in the last three years that we have many more friends & that most of the people we know in our organization accumulate many more friends each year and develop much deeper, more meaningful relationship with those new friends as well as their old friends. Another side benefit of working with this organization. Seems like this effect stems from the fact that our friendships in our company, like those in Natural Health, are based on the Five Pillars of Health & the mutual benefit of all parties.

An earlier title by this author is "Mystic Path to Cosmic Power" which I've not yet read.

Claude M. Bristol
"The Magic of Believing"
My dad, Wilbur E. Wynman, left home at age 17 with $20 in his pocket & educated himself to build the largest independently owned dental supply house west of the Mississippi. In the 40 years he trained the finest dental sales people in the country, always teaching them to compete on service, integrity & quality, never on price, he only required they read two books. This was one; the other was Andrew Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People".

Maxwell Maltz
Foundation for understand the conscious & subconscious mind--rw

Napoleon Hill
"Think and Grow Rich"
the monumental classic--practical application of Psycho-Cybernetics, written before Maltz's work!--rw

Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone
"Success thru a Positive Mental Attitude"
Stone was the world's wealthiest human in the 70's, the originator of the "positive mental attitude"; his response to any situation: "That's good" ... then he'd proceed to find and enjoy the good, regardless of the situation. One of Bob Proctor's favorite mentors—rw

Cynthia Kersey
highly recommended by Bob Proctor--rw

Spencer Johnson
"Who Moved My Cheese"
A primer on handling change in our lives by the author of the One-Minute Manager series. Since life is nothing but change, it's OK to learn to benefit from it--rw

Gary Zukav, David Finkelstein
"The Dancing Wu Li Masters"
primer on quantum physics--y'see, we in the medical establishment were all trained in Newtonian Physics (a body is equal to the sum of its parts) & now we gotta shift our paradigm to the stuff of our company, all based on energy of life, quantum physics. This book is helpful in understanding the new concepts--rw
Stephen R. Covey
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"On a recent TeamTalk audio tape from Team Diamond several of the top leaders who'd been with Nikken for over ten years were interviewed & asked about their favorite book for building the business & most were predictable (Being the Best You Can Be, Your First Year in MLM, etc.) but Dave Stoltzfus' favorites surprised me a bit.
Dave Stoltzfus, Royal Diamond WC & 30-year MLM veteran, top distributor in Shaklee prior to Nikken said his favorite network marketing book was written by a man who was opposed to network marketing when the book was written ... & has since become a strong supporter of MLM: "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People", by Steven Covey. Dave says those seven habits are exactly the ones needed to build a successful network .... and a successful life. This one & Covey's other books, "Principle-Centered Leadership" & "First Things First", have been our favorites also & we've used them heavily for team training in our dental practice.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change was a groundbreaker when it was first published in 1990, and it continues to be a business bestseller with more than 10 million copies sold. Stephen Covey, an internationally respected leadership authority, realizes that true success encompasses a balance of personal and professional effectiveness, so this book is a manual for performing better in both arenas. His anecdotes are as frequently from family situations as from business challenges.

Before you can adopt the seven habits, you'll need to accomplish what Covey calls a "paradigm shift"--a change in perception and interpretation of how the world works. Covey takes you through this change, which affects how you perceive and act regarding productivity, time management, positive thinking, developing your "proactive muscles" (acting with initiative rather than reacting), and much more.
This isn't a quick-tips-start-tomorrow kind of book. The concepts are sometimes intricate, and you'll want to study this book, not skim it. When you finish, you'll probably have Post-it notes or hand-written annotations in every chapter, and you'll feel like you've taken a powerful seminar by Covey. --Joan Price


Touch for Health : A Practical Guide to Natural Health Using Acupressure Touch and Massage to Improve Postural Balance and Reduce Physical and Mental Stress
by John F. Thie, Keith Marks (Photographer) (Paperback - December 1979)
Over 500,000 copies of this natural healing best seller and basis for the Touch for Health Association network. This compassionate healing approach restores our body's balance using the principles of acupressure, massage, muscle testing, nutrition and much, much more. It is a must for every healing enthusiast's library with over 300 photos, illustrations and charts. Spiral bound for easy referencing. 132 pages.

The required text book Dr. Tom Kirchoffer uses for his Wellness Consultants Certification 16 hr intensive workshop like the August 25-6 Lake Tahoe Experience! Usually ships in 24 hours.
Average Review Rating

Color for Health

Jan Westwater & Bev Marshall. Learn TFH through coloring. An excellent teaching tool for Meridian locations. The companion workbook for Dr. Kirchoffer's Wellness Consultant Certification Workshop -- can be ordered here $8.95

Dr. Barry S. Weinberg
"A Clear Path to Healing"

GREAT integrated tool to help your friends understand a preventive approach to health -- Our Bob Proctor Mentor Study Group is currently studying this book--Includes a rather weak mention of magnetic & far-infrared technology on page 162 & refers his readers to his wife's 5pillars website as a source for these products. Dr. Weinberg quotes Nancy Dickey, MD, President of the American Medical Association, 12/17/98: "...no one is really happy with the current system. Patients, physicians, the people who pay for health-care all are frustrated. We haven't gotten it right, our system is out of balance ... It's a mess."
Dr. Weinberg cites two primary causes for the results of this mess (the US #1 for both medical spending & degenerative disease:

1--antiquated mechanistic world-view based on disproved science & philosophy

2--lack of empowerment & responsibility on behalf of the individuals of our society

He writes of the paradigm shift from Newtonian to quantum physics nicely in his introduction. He explains that our current allopathic model of medical care, that of diagnosing treating & curing & the "don't fix it 'til it's broke" mentality views the universe as mechanical clock that we can adjust & control to provide us health, based on Mechanism. "If something is too hi, we lower it; if it's too low, we raise it; if it's too long, we shorten it; if it's too short, we lengthen it. When it becomes too painful, we numb it, should it become numb, we stimulate it. If it becomes hard, we soften it. ... If it becomes too soft, we harden it. When all has been tried and our patience has been exhausted, we remove it."

He points out that what's missing in this mechanistic, Newtonian view is the "life force", energy & introduces the concept of "Vitalism", what I perceive as the injection of quantum physics into our view of health & life. He recognizes that the true key to health is PREVENTION & RESPONSIBILITY & points out that one of the reasons Japan has consistently earned the World Health Organization's top position on the planet in health & longevity is that they take that responsibility & pay their doctors only when they're well, rather than when they're sick.

While I've found no evidence so far that Dr. Barry is aware of the teachings of Trall, Graham, Tilden, Shelton on Natural Hygiene nor Burger, Comby, etc. on Anopsology & Instinctive Nutrition. but he's definitely on the right track, he's way ahead of me on integrating the emotional, mental & spiritual aspects into our concepts of health & life. I look forward to learning a lot from him.--rw

Bruno Comby, PhD,
Maximize Immunity
If I had to pick one favorite book on nutrition, this is it. It's Nutrition from the point of view of a mathematician, nuclear physicist, genius, original thinker & my good friend.

A reference on nutrition & immunity, to maximize your health. This book presents the author's research, the dietary theory of immunity, and demonstrates the strategic importance of a better lifestyle and especially of a nutritional approach in cases of immune-related diseases such as allergies, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other auto-immune diseases, or infections including AIDS, and proposes lifestyle recommendations and a natural diet to unleash your body's best defense against illnesses : your own natural immunity; includes case studies of patients with immune diseases.

The second half of the book introduces Instinctive Nutrition (aka Anopsology), really Instinctive Living, based on the premise that all animals have instincts representing the cellular intelligence of millions of years & humans have those instincts also and they are the best way to select when & what to ingest. It's about obeying the fundamental laws of nutrition. WARNING--this book is a mind-blower & paradigm-shifter. Of all the books I've read on nutrition, this one has the most underlined passages, marginal notes & folded-over page corners! For a marvelous review of this book and every other book on the subject of Instinctive Living I'm aware of ever being published in English, visit My friend Kirt Nieft's site.--rw"

Herbert Shelton, Ronald G. Cridland
"Fasting Can Save Your Life"
A classic primer on Natural Hygiene and fasting--rw

Joel Fuhrman
Fasting-And Eating-For Health : A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease
More current info from the natural Hygiene mindset--rw

J. H. Tilden
Toxemia Explained : The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease (1926)
this is the book that introduced me to Natural Hygiene in 1980 & which started me on a life-long study of the subject--rw

Herbert M. Shelton,
"The History of Natural Hygiene and Principles of Natural Hygiene"
A basic intro to NH by the man who put the subject back on the map last century.--rw

Harvey Diamond , Kenneth M. Kroll
"Fit for Life : A New Beginning : Your Complete Diet and Health Plan for the Millennium"
Great transitional ideas for a simple do-able move from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to Natural Hygiene--rw
Great books on WATER!

Cover Unavailable Colin Ingram
"The Drinking Water Book : A Complete Guide to Safe Drinking Water"
Paperback - October 1991)--good guide for people living in the US who have to face polluted drinking water in their homes--rw

Your Body's Many Cries for Water
by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj

For the first time in medical history, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D., has identified the crisis calls of the body for water --pain, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and more. He has discovered the key to a longer, healthier, and more vigorous life. He shares with you his medical breakthrough that many people put their minds and bodies under intolerable and unnecessary stress and become sick simply because they do not drink enough water. Unintentional dehydration leads to illness and painful, degenerative diseases that can be prevented, treated, and cure by drinking plenty of water.

You will learn how to use water to:

  • Prevent and reverse premature aging
  • Eliminate pains including heartburn, back pain, arthritis, colitis pain, anginal pain, migraine headaches
  • Cure asthma in a few days, naturally and forever
  • Cure hypertension without diuretics or other medication
  • Lose weight effortlessly and naturally, without strict dieting"



Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases
by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj

This new book, "Water Cures: Drugs Kill," has been compiled to turn conventional medicine on its head. The revelations you'll read here will transform the practice of medicine all over the world. They will change the present cost-intensive, drug-peddling, and commerce-driven medical system to a physiology-based and disease-preventing natural approach to health in the future. The information in this book will awaken people to the pharmaceutical fraud and terrorism that are foundation to all that is wrong in our current health-care system in America."

Paul C. Bragg & Patricia Bragg
"Water: The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life"
An education on the type, amount and value of the perfect water to drink
that will work to keep you in good health--rw
Lono Kahuna Kupua A'O, et al,
"Don't Drink The Water (without reading this book) The essential Guide to Our Contaminated Drinking Water and What You Can Do About It
--If these statistics are correct, then the EPA and the U.S. government are not concerned with protecting your right to clean water, and therefore, you must educate yourself in order to protect against degenerative disease--rw
Joshua I. Barzilay
"The Water We Drink : Water Quality and Its Effects on Health"
Three physicians warn readers that neither tap water<-->even filtered<-->nor bottled water can be assumed to be pure and safe. They catalogue the contaminants that are often found in drinking water and their deleterious health effects--rw
Philip Ball
"Life's Matrix : A Biography of Water"
Science for non-scientists!--Ball's thesis and method are apparent from the title. He sets out to demonstrate how central water is to our existence and he does so by tracing it's life history from the Big Bang right up to today--rw
E. C. Pielou
"Fresh Water"
the earth's water supply is constantly growing, yet humankind--or so scientists now warn us--is facing a potentially catastrophic shortage of potable water in the next century. "Fresh water," writes Canadian scientist Pielou, "will turn out to be the factor that limits population growth--rw
Marq De Villiers
"Water: The Fate of Our Most Precious Resource"
its topic concerns our survival, and its author has done a superior job of integrating both scholarly research (with full credit to those upon whose work he builds) and what must be a unique background of actually having traveled to the specific desolate areas that comprise the heart of this book--rw

Ron Lawrence, Judith Plowden, Paul J. Rosch
Magnet Therapy: The Pain Cure Alternative
One of the first books we read about magnetics; a good one--rw

Magnet therapy is an ancient form of healing that is enjoying renewed interest and popularity. By creating magnetic fields that penetrate deep into the affected tissue, magnet therapy enhances the flow of oxygen, ions, and nutrients and spurs the healing process. This book outlines how magnets work, the most effective placements of magnets on the body, and the many benefits of using magnets to treat common ailments. In addition, the potential effectiveness of magnet therapy in treating Parkinson's disease, hearing impairment, depression, and cancer is examined.


Wallace Delois Wattles
"The Science of Getting Rich"
Basis of Bob Proctor's Science of Getting Rich" seminars & workshops--written in 1910 ... & written very well!—rw
Bob Proctor's own masterpiece, You Were Born Rich , is an international best seller that gives you the COMPLETE, PROVEN SYSTEM for using the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual prosperity. The monumental classic--practical application of Psycho-Cybernetics, written before Maltz's work! ... and the basis, along with As a man Thinketh, of all of Bob Proctor's teaching.--rw

Recognized worldwide as one of the most comprehensive personal development book available, Bob Proctor's You Were Born Rich will open your eyes to the deep reservoirs of talent and ability that lie deep within you. You Were Born Rich contains a complete plan for developing the untapped potential in every aspect of your life.

It's available at bobproctor.com, along with many excellent self-help programs

Kevin Gerald,
Pardon Me I'm Prospering!
Kevin Gerald is the pastor of Covenant Celebration Church in Tacoma, Washington & is a close friend of Ed Wiens, our favorite minister , who strongly recommends this book to help folks understand, as Paul Zane Pilzer says, "God Wants You To Be Rich"--rw
Which reminds me, since Pilzer was keynote speaker at The World Convention 2000, here's his book:

Paul Zane Pilzer,
"God Wants You To Be Rich"
The theology of economics
An excellent primer on Economics and on religions in general, explaining
many of the concepts of infinite abundance we've been learning with Bob
Proctor's help in the last few years. I still haven't learned where they
plan to find the infinite square foots to provide an infinite number of
humans with the acreage I think we all need ... unless they're more in sync
with my long-term rejuvenation & migration goals than I suspect. But then
I've not finished reading this book yet.--rw

Paul Zane Pilzer
"Unlimited Wealth"
the book that forecast the Internet dot.com economy we now have--a brilliant exploration of how the future economy will evolve (may be out of print)--rw

George S. Clason
The Richest Man in Babylon
This book holds the secrets to acquiring money, keeping money, and making money earn more money.

This is the best book I've read on personal finances. I avoided it for years because "Babylon" doesn't represent the nicest place in Christian language. Glad I got over that! The wealth of easy to understand information in this book makes it worth reading annually. . .at least!--
Marc A. Pitman

Faith Popcorn
Clicking: 17 Trends That Drive Your Business
When Wolfgang Sonnenburg was in Boise with Marlene Eborn recently, he told us that this book was the final factor that caused him to dive into the Adventure. He is now the largest earning Wellness Consultant in Europe; his organization usually accounts for more than half of Europe's business. Faith Popcorn is a consultant who earns extremely high fees evaluating businesses. She wrote the book in order to provide her clients with answers to many of the repetitive questions & the book was based on 16 trends that an ideal business should be following. She recommended that when evaluating a business, try to find one that follows at least half of the trends at the same time, very difficult to find. She mentions our company in the book. Our new busines is on target for all 16! Several people have decided to join our company after reading the Popcorn book, including Wolfgang Sonnenburg. The current edition lists 17 trends & I've just now ordered the book, so I don't know what the 17th trend is nor if our company is also on target for that one, too.--rw"

America's foremost trend expert. Identifying such sweeping societal concepts as "Cocooning," "Cashing Out," "FemaleThink," and "Pleasure Revenge," she has developed a unique method of understanding consumer needs to prepare her clients for the future marketplace. As key strategist for BrainReserve, Popcorn uses her insight on cultural and business trends to develop new products, reposition established brands, and define areas of new business opportunity.

Documented as having a 95% accuracy rate, Popcorn correctly predicted the demand for fresh foods, four-wheel drives, and the failure of New Coke. She was the first to target the stay-at-home syndrome and to anticipate the explosive growth in home delivery, home businesses, and home shopping. Her hour-long seminar, which focuses on how today's trends are affecting consumer lifestyles and purchase behavior, has been presented to thousands of audiences across the globe.


Robert T. Kiyosaki
"Cash Flow Quadrant"
clearly (& repetitively) explains the advantages of being a business owner & investor rather than an employer or employee ... and how to get to where you want to be from where you are--rw

Robert T. Kiyosaki
"Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
The philosophy behind "Cash Flow Quadrant"—rw

Robert G. Allen
"Multiple Streams of Income"
Great practical advice from one who's done what he says he's done. Tells exactly & simply where to invest your first stock market money (not what I expected!)--rw

Jay Abraham
"Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got"
Jay is probably the world's foremost marketer & marketing coach--a great source of knowledge--rw

Suze Orman
9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying

Today, 1/29/01, Jim Euler called to tell me that both he & Coral Paris, another good friend, were excited about this book & asked if I'd read it. I asked Lou if she knew about it & she walked to her office & back & handed me the book with a beautiful gold ribbon around it, a gift for her grand daughter, who turns 18 today. My gift to her is a home-based business with the finest organization I know of.--bob

Here are the 9 steps to financial freedom: 1. Step back in time to see how your feelings about money can be traced to your past. We all have "money messages" passed down from generation to generation. 2. Face your money fears and create new, positive truths. 3. Be honest with yourself. Ouit using plastic cards for money. They are addictive and destructive as drugs, giving you a quick fix by satisfying temporary desires. 4. Be responsible to those you love. Establish life insurance, wills, power of attorney, estate planning, etc. 5. Be respectful of yourself and your money. If you do what needs to be done with money, you will attract money to you. 6. You and your money must keep good company. Credit cards are never good company. Get out of debt. Respect yourself and your money by making every penny work for you. 7. Trust yourself more than you trust others. Find the "little voice" inside you; listen to what it has to say. 8. Be open to receive all you are meant to receive. When you are in control of your money and have enough to be generous, money flows to you. 9. Understand the ebb and flow of the money cycle. Money has natural cycles as it ebbs and flows through your life.


Liberty League--This program is designed as a leadership and team building system for teaching upline responsibilities to enlightened Wellness Consultants in the network marketing industry. Topics include: Inner Liberty, Sell The Dream, Masterminding, Strategic Maps, Praxis and The Law.
Check out this & other Bob Proctor gems at bobproctor.com, especially the Teen Mentoring International program. Charles W. King, James W. Robinson , Richard Poe

The New Professionals
This book is terrific. Subtitled "The Rise of Network Marketing as the Next Major Profession", it's the newest & perhaps best Network Marketing book for us ... & our prospective future business partners! It not only demonstrates that this is the next major profession, but explains exactly WHY. If anyone listens to Paul Zane Pilzer's audio tape, reads this book & watches our new Wellness Preview video they are well-informed & if they decide not to join you in this adventure, it IS the right decision for them, they're just not ready yet.

We'd been recommending Richard Poe's "Wave 4" as the best. The first two sentences in the Foreword say "...you must read "The New Professional" ... It is the best, most authoritative and up-to-date source of information on the state of MLM at the turn of the 21st century." THE FOREWORD IS WRITTEN BY RICHARD POE (& Poe's book is excellent & he apparently didn't even know about our company when he wrote it, 'cause over 20 network companies were mentioned .... but not our company!). It IS the world's best kept secret .... & word's getting out. We ARE in the right place at the right time!!

King & Robinson compare the best network companies & in reviewing the top ten or so worldwide, they call our company "The Silent Giant ... it doesn't make a lot of marketing noise in the US --
it just makes money!" . Great info, for example, did you know that Japan leads the world in direct sales, (over $30 billion annually!!, about 40% of the world's total) even 'tho the US has the most Wellness Consultants? or that Shaklee was acquired by Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Company? So even if Dennis & Ruth Williams & the Spader clan had not switched to our company, they'd be working with a Japanese company anyway!

The chapters in this book read like a recruiting masterpiece for our industry: "A New Approach to Work, Family & Lifestyle", "Risks & Rewards of the New Economy", The Quest for Time Freedom", The Rise of Network Marketing", "The New Face of Network Marketing", "Companies that Are Leading Network Marketing into the Future", "Rising Star Companies", "Game Plan for the New Professional"! On pages 311 & 312 there's a list of 30-40 websites for generic MLM information, including opportunities to compare & rate all the companies ... & guess which company comes out on top!!--rw

Richard Poe
"Wave 4"
Excellent for helping people understand that the new Network Economy is where we'll all be conducting business this century ... and that it's a great improvement over our present "force-based" economy--rw

Mark Yarnell
"Your First Year in Network Marketing"
GREAT training for your new business partner--rw

John Milton Fogg
"The Greatest Networker in the World"

John Kalench
"17 Secrets of the Master Prospectors"

John Kalench,
"The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World"
Great for helping people understand the magnitude & the possibilities of Network Distribution--rw


Dale Carnegie's
"How to Win Friends and Influence People"
classic advice for success in dealing with humans--rw


Andrew J. Galambos
Sic Itur Ad Astra: The Theory of Volition (Volume 1)

Andrew J. Galambos, Peter Sisco (Introduction)
Thrust For Freedom : An Introduction to Volitional Science

This may be the second most important book I've ever seen.
Click here
to discover why!

I'd been intending to attend Galambos' seminars since Frederick Mann introduced me to his concepts in '93 thru Terra
Libra, the planet's first & only completely free country. That became impossible after Galambos died prematurely & his
material had become totally unavailable since he never published anything I could locate. Now, at last, the book version
is available & Richard Boddie was kind enough to let us know & I immediately ordered it ...and the 100-page "Thrust
for Freedom", which provides sort of an introduction to the huge 942- page dictionary-sized Sic Itur Ad Astra.

I read "Thrust for Freedom" & found it fascinating but it was not until I began Sic Itur Ad Astra that I began to realize
the scope of Galambos' contribution to my personal long-term goal of perpetuating the most noble and interesting
experiment in the universe: Humanity. He created an entirely new branch of science, Volitional Science & I believe the
second most important book I've seen in my 60 years is no longer Rose Wilder Lane's "Discovery of Freedom" nor Ayn
Rand's "Atlas Shrugged, but Andrew J. Galambos' "Sic Itur Ad Astra".

Is this book important to me? Six hours ago, 1/10/03, at 1 AM, I received word that my mother died in her sleep & in
the obituary I just completed I stated there would be no funeral services and any contributions in her honor should be by
sending a check or money order to:

for Andrew J. Galambos;

The Andrew J. Galambos and Suzanne J. Galambos Natural Estates Trust

P.O.Box 181247

Coronado, CA 92178

Lou & I are scheduled to restructure our will/trust this month & a large part of anything we don't spend before we
join Mom will be gifted to Galambos' Trust Fund
Why? Widespread dissemination of this man's work is the greatest service we can provide to humanity. It may make
the difference between leaving the universe to humans or to ants ... & the widespread preference for ants, which I also
strongly held for at least 20 years of my life, is one symptom of humanity's ignorance of its own potential. Galambos'
work is a solution!

Sic Itur Ad Astra is complete with14 - 8 x 11" pages of Table of Contents, 20 pages of documented references & 50
pages of index, all meticulously compiled

Sic Itur Ad Astra (This is the Way to the Stars)

By Andrew J. Galambos

Andrew J. Galambos is the author of Sic Itur Ad Astra. The first volume of this four volume opus is now available from
the publisher, The Universal Scientific Publications Company, Inc.® (TUSPCO®)

The following is taken from the Foreword to Volume One, written by Peter N. Sisco.

This book is based on lectures given by astrophysicist, Professor Andrew J. Galambos in 1968. These lectures introduced
Galambos’ truly revolutionary ideas on building a durable, stable social structure that will guarantee the greatest possible
Freedom for every individual. This book represents the birth of a completely new science in which Galambos, using
meticulously well defined terms, builds a conclusive and compelling case that the rigors of the Scientific Method can be
applied to human volition. This new, "Volitional Science" is used to construct a societal mechanism that is entirely
voluntary and operates without any form of coercion. The author shows how the proven, truth discovering methods of
the science of Physics can be used to solve the ultimate problem of human survival: how can coercion, in all its forms, be
completely eliminated from all human interaction?

Peter N. Sisco, Editor

Table of Contents

Session One: An Introduction to the Theory of Volition

Session Two: How Do You Know You Are Right?

Session Three: The Third Science

Session Four: The Historical Basis of Society vs. The Natural Basis of Society

Session Five: Science and Freedom

Session Six: The Free Market as True Democracy

Session Seven: Today's Slave

Session Eight: You Don't Need a King

Session Nine: The Age of the False Alternative and the Remedy in Principle

Session Ten: The Natural Republic

Session Eleven: Bureaucracies and Proprietary Interest

Session Twelve: Justice and Defense

Workshop One

Session Thirteen: The Power of the Individual

Session Fourteen: The Bridge to Freedom

Session Fifteen: The Basis of Optimism

Session Sixteen: Capitalism: The Liberal Revolution

Workshop Two

Workshop Three

Joe Pyne Interview

Course V-50 X: Surface the Giant!"

"The Discovery of Freedom"
Freedom's necessary to enjoy life & the Five Pillars. You are free. This amazing book helps us understand that idea--rw

James P. Carter, MD
"Racketeering in Medicine"
How the AMA, FDA and pharmaceutical industry has for years tried to discredit alternative,less expensive, less invasive and often times more effective modalities of treatment--shows how alternative therapies are suppressed and how only drugs and surgeries are allowed to receive approval

Daniel Haley with Introduction by Dr. Julian Whitaker
"Politics in Healing" (Click here for details!!!)
The Suppression & Manipulation of American Medicine

"Bob Proctor's own masterpiece
"You Were Born Rich"
is an international best seller that gives you the COMPLETE, PROVEN SYSTEM for using the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual prosperity.

Recognized worldwide as one of the most comprehensive personal development book available, Bob Proctor's You Were Born Rich will open your eyes to the deep reservoirs of talent and ability that lie deep within you. You Were Born Rich contains a complete plan for developing the untapped potential in every aspect of your life.

It's available at bobproctor.com, along with many excellent self-help programs"

From time to time, wynman.com refers to books, tapes or other great reference material and a great many of them are available from Amazon.com. Just click on highlighted titles throughout the site or enter any title or author in the keywords box below.
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