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LifeStyles 4 = 3,000
What's the LifeStyle Program?
How can I earn $3,000 in 3 months (or 3 weeks)?
Why is the LifeStyle/4 = 3000 combo working so well?
How to Start?
How to promote the LifeStyle Program
Are we giving up on HBM Silver Training, The Rollout, Sleep System?
Sources for support materials
Lou & Bob, past & future business
Modified points for Natural Hygienists/Instinctive Nutritionists

Know anyone who'd care to earn the Silver Rank and a $3,000/month company check in three months (or three weeks)?

Or anyone who'd like to enjoy a much higher degree of health and quality of life forever?

It's always been possible to earn the Silver Rank and a $3,000/month check in three months (or three weeks) from our company. It's been done by many ordinary people who did things in certain ways, but 'til now, there was a major piece of the puzzle missing. That piece has been found. Its a powerful combination the comprehensive & amazingly effective health-giving Lifestyle energy & Weight Management with a simple & classic geometric progression called
4 = 3,000. It's a bullet-proof combo that's working consistently in providing spectacular increases in health and wealth.

So why is
4 = 3,OOO working while the other similar strategies always fall apart a few levels deep? Because it's backed by the most effective, supported, coached Wellness program ever devised, LifeStyle Energy & Weight Management!

Two of the top Wellness Consultants in the country created this concept last spring that is providing amazing ... and LASTING ... results in peoples' health. People are dropping inches, pounds, cholesterol & triglyceride problems, glucose levels, symptoms of all manner of ailments, shaping & toning their bodies while gaining amazing energy... and they're staying with the concept.

While Nikken pioneered the introduction of magnetic, far-infrared & energy sleep technology for wellness in this country, this amazing Lifestyles Program combines three of their other technologies plus meticulously effective FREE support/accountability system plus Dr. Barry Sears' "Zone" concept to create the most beneficial health-giving program on the planet:

A--Energy shoes; exercise equipment you wear (no change in daily exercise routine required)

B--The finest natural, synergistic bio-available pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements world-wide

C--Maximized Living Water; superoxygenated, hexagonally-structured molecular clumps of fully hydrating pristine water

If you know anyone who'd like to enjoy those benefits, immediately invite them to call
FREE to 1-800-756-3819 code 4109 01 for an introduction & 1-800-756-3819 code 4109 02 for details on how to begin.

For a limited time, those calls are available absolutely free for your friends! They are for real. Lou & I personally know the many speakers on those calls. To get started immediately (lifted with great respect & acknowledgement from Dennis & Ruth William's www.ybhurtn.com site):

LifeStyle Energy & Weight Management


1. Email interest to your Leader - or upline Diamond - to find out if live Intro call is available.

2. Listen to LifeStyle Introduction live, if a call is available, on 1-800-427-2806 code 2492#; or on an audio tape at 1-800-756-3819 code 410901.

3. You can order LifeStyle audio tapes are available from Blue Ribbon - 800-533-2885 or Focus on Growth 800-496-8508.

3A. If local, "While you're doing these things, listen to these tapes before the next call ("Change Your Energy", Martin Plotkin, MD, "Change Your Finances", Clyde Davies, "Intro to LifeStyles Program", Ruth & Char).

4. Click here to copy the Commitment & information onto your email, fill it out & email it to your upline leader or Diamond.

5. You are committing to focus on making LifeStyle changes with the goal to have the highest quality health possible by following the LifeStyle plan & developing healthy habits.

6. Next copy the Welcome Letter with the "Start Now Information" by clicking here

then clicking "Welcome Letter" & order your LifeStyle Packet. (Under $15.00 + shipping). Contact Focus On Growth (800-496-8508) or Blue Ribbon Video (800 533 2885) to order your LifeStyle Packet.

7. Set Up & Explanation: The most important Call is: "Set - Up & Explanation " - it will save you time as it gives the details & examples of the program. This call will take almost 1 hour. In order that each person may be able to begin immediately after receiving their materials, we have a Set up & Explanation call archived & available on an 800 number. That number is 1-800-756-3819 code 4109 02. You can listen to it in segments, repeatedly, or all at once.

8. Support Calls: This is our LifeStyle 101 which is your first 30 days. (Daily- Email of points on the subject line of the email). Check in & Support Interaction calls are daily - 5 days a week. The first 10 minutes are point reports; then we discuss results, questions, and LifeStyle education 101.

If you want to learn leadership, you'll need to participle as much as possible. After 30 days, Participants may move onto the Advanced LifeStylers' Call.

See the LifeStyle Schedule document for Schedule & Phone information or email your leader for their call information.

Advanced Classes are days 30 through 90 - call 2 times a week plus weekly highlights. New leaders may be ready to host own calls by that time. Leadership Training calls are available when you begin Team Building.

9. LifeStyle Highlights calls are by announcement. The calls have been Sat. 9AM Pacific.

10. Sample Business Potential: A. Nutritionals, meals, etc. approximately per month. -- $200.00 -

>>> It's been often reported that by replacing the processed foods, etc. with easy, wholesome foods; that the actual cost is $20.00 a month.

B. Begin Team after 2 weeks of Success (10 people)@ $200.00 GPV each = $2000. 00 GPV.

C. Second Step - help Team members each develop Teams of 10 Each = 10 x $2000. = $20,000.00 GPV per month! Income estimate = $2,400.00.

D. Continue Process - The 10 new Silvers follow the plan = $20,000.00 x 10 Silvers = $200,000 GPV x 6% = $12,000.00 bonus.

Even if it took a year or two to accomplish this, it would still be exciting - but actually, it 's beginning to feel like we've got a Tornado by the Tail! Even our "shy" people are bringing people onto the calls & into the program. We've got "Group Mentoring" going here which makes it possible to build a business without an on-site upline!!

It is the Right Timing, the Right Program, Right Company; the Right Everything else!!! It's a HIT!!! Get Started-- Inform Others!

When you are Ready - When you have the mindset to begin LifeStyle for a Healthier life, fill out your commitment, order your materials, & begin with your next meal, snack, or drink of water. Ruth & Char

Why is the LifeStyles
4 = 3,000 method working?

The combination of components built into the LifeStyle Energy & Weight Management now has a proven success record. The documents for participation will now be available by clicking here.

The mentoring- support was reported by participants to be the most important component of the program, not only in the success of LifeStyle, but also in the growth & training of Wellness Consultants.

Comments heard: "Once you get started, it's easy because you feel great & are not hungry." "I can follow this at home or traveling - with just a little planning."
"Everyone needs to follow this plan- whether or not they need to lose weight; it is so healthy & pleasurable."

Helping yourself to establish the Healthiest LifeStyle possible is common sense. With every bite we take - we are either aging or reversing aging. It's our choice.

1--EVERYONE knows four people who will admit they want better health &/or an extra $3,000/month... & SOME of them are willing to act to attain those goals.

2--Only committed people start the LifeStyles Program (they're required to sign a letter of commitment before beginning & they may be excluded if their Team Leader is not convinced of their commitment)

3--Once they start, they stay with it (they're on a support & accountability call five days a week for a month ... then twice a week for two more months, etc. with a powerful group of enthused, excited people doing the same things they're doing & enjoying rather fantastic benefits ... loss of inches, loss of pounds, effective body sculpting, dramatic drops in triglyceride & cholesterol levels, increases in energy, mental clarity, endurance, libido, overall fitness, personal appearance, self-esteem, income & decreases &/or total elimination of toxic drug "needs" ... they look good & feel good ... and the results are HOLDING!

4--Those people bring their friends into the program!

Why is the LifeStyles Program so effective?

1--It was created by Char Rogers & Ruth Williams, top leaders with Shaklee, also a fine nutritional company, for 15-20 years prior to joining Nikken & rising to the top levels with us

2--It combines three essential technologies that no other organization can offer:

A--Energy Shoes, the ergonomically designed exercise shoes that enable bodies to realign ankles, knees, hips, vertebral column, neck, TMJ while also increasing the basal metabolic rate about 25% without any change in exercise or life routine!

B--Maximized Living Water that is super-oxygenated, molecularly designed, & energetically charged to be actively drawn into living cells, allowing them all to do their jobs better, including the liver cells that convert fat to energy, those of the immune system that protect living cells from harm & those of the systems that rid the body of stored toxins.

C--The finest Bio-Directed Nutriceuticals on the planet that provide the body with it's nutritional needs
To learn about these technologies, including their real names, click here

3--The food part is based on Dr. Barry Sears' vegie & fruit-based "Zone" concept that allows bodies to function optimally & stay with the program because hunger is satisfied full-time so people are comfortable, have no urge to binge, no feelings of deprivation or starvation.

4--The program is backed by an extremely effective support and accountability system that works.

5--The program is supported by the most successful leaders in our company and by the integrity and 28-year stability of the world's foremost Wellness research & development organization on the planet!

6--The baby boomers, who've driven every exploding industry since they were born in 1946, are sick & tired of being sick and tired & of their present alternatives of drugs, surgery, or living in poor health. They are ready for solutions and you have those solutions!

7--For those interested, our company pays very generously for effective referral of friends to the program, making it quite simple to earn an extra $3,000/month within three months ... or three weeks ... and to create financial freedom within a reasonable time. (If you'd like to become our partners in this fascinating Wellness Adventure right now, online, just click here & register & immediately gain the ability to order at wholesale -- 20% below retail -- & to register your friends in your own group!).

8--People enjoy seeing the positive results in themselves & their friends, enjoy seeing those friends stick with the program long enough to get those benefits.

9--They enjoy helping our company achieve its goals of Global Peace thru Global Wellness, one person at a time, based on a Balanced life founded on the Five Pillars of Health (healthy mind, body, finances, family & society). To learn about the company, click here.


Our company's current plan is for everyone on the planet who wants one to have their own Certified Wellness Home, including the Dream Sleep System, Living Water System & Maximizer, Living Water Shower Systems, magnetic/far-infrared Seats in all the cars & chairs, magnetic/far-infrared insoles in all the shoes, the finest nutritional & skin care products on the planet, Energy Shoes for everyone in the family ... & they'll keep bringing us more so that everyone who cares about themselves & their friends & the planet can have the finest human environment possible for their families while we clean up the planet, find new ones, etc.

'til now, it seemed like the only obstacle was cost & the LifeStyles 4 = 3000 program eliminates that obstacle. We can all have Certified Wellness Homes ... while we're helping those we care about have theirs as well!

So, what IS the
LifeStyles 4 = 3,000 method?

4 = 3,000 is just the simple, easily duplicated "find four who find four who find four" geometric progression so prevalent & so unsuccessful in all of network marketing.

Lou & I learned 4 = 3,000 from a soft-spoken southern grandfather & Diamond Wellness Consultant, Clyde Davies, who started his Wellness business dead broke, having to scrape to find the $49 entry fee. He created the 4 = 3000 system last April & used it to step from the Platinum to the Diamond Level in a few weeks, helping his grandson earn the Silver Rank in eight days in the process!

You can learn it direct from Clyde on audio tape #197, "Change your Finances" from Blue Ribbon Video, (800) 533-2885, (part of a 4-tape series by Marlene Eborn Daybell).

Tape #194, with Dr. Martin Plotkin, is excellent for introducing folks to the LifeStyle Program & to our company's basic technologies). For folks who like to hear lots of great results from lots of honest, positive people, Ruth Williams has recorded four of her conference Calls, audio tapes #520,1,2,4. All eight of these are available from Blue Ribbon Video, (800) 533-2885.

Clyde asks friends four questions:
1--"Who do you know who'd like to have an extra $3,000 per month in three months?"**

They either say, "Yeah, me." or "Well, my cousin Shirley probly." (if they say, "no one", re-evaluate your "friendship")

Then Clyde makes an appointment for a 15 min consultation with that person & asks the other three questions:

2--"Would a one-time $600 investment in your own health in order to earn an extra $3,000/month stretch your budget too much?"

They usually say, 'Well, no, I could do that."

3--So he asks #3: "Would a regular monthly investment of $100 in your own health in order to earn that $3,000 be too much for you to handle?"

They generally reply, "No, I could do that."

4--Then he asks #4: "Could you find four friends who'd like to earn an extra $3,000/mo who'd be willing to do what I just asked you to do?"

When they say yes, Clyde answers their questions, helps them get started helping those first four friends.

**The $600 figure is explained in an excellent one-page brochure outlining the entire 4 = 3,000 concept called "Change Your Life", available as item #866 from Blue Ribbon Video, (800) 522-2885.

Initial order could vary from the ideal: Shoes, #1930-1961, $156 + Living Water Unit, #1316, $680 + Maximizer, #1309, $392 + Tote Bag, #1325, $76 + $200/mo. nutritional support = $1,503 + $200 A/S = $1,704 (= Senior Wellness Consultant)
to the Minimal: Shoes, #1930-1961, $156 + Bottle/Tote Bag ** #1353 $102 + $100/mo. nutritional support = $258 + $100 A/S = $358

Those three questions & their answers usually take about five minutes & the rest of the appointment is used for quick answers to questions about the products & the company & an invitation to the next event ... & the plan to get started immediately.

Those company & product questions are fun to answer 'cause the company's the strongest in the world, the products & technologies sell themselves, but when they're introduced this way, all the questions about the morality of network marketing, the "I don't have the money", "I don't have the time", etc. are never brought up 'cause they're answered first. People know they're now evaluating ways to MAKE money, not SPEND it on products they feel they can't afford.

They'll tend to want to attend the Wellness Previews & other events 'cause they'll see them as a way to make money rather than an opportunity to spend money on products they feel they can't afford. When they experience the amazing benefits of just the Living Water, Shoes & nutritional support, they'll want the Sleep System, magnetic/far-infrared insoles, skin care, etc. .... & their own Wellness Home ... especially when they see that they can easily afford it, that it will all be tax-deductible as part of their own home business & that they'll become role models for health for everyone they care about.

where does the $3,000/mo. come from? Here are our attempts at figuring it out. The company's computers do it much more accurately ... & on time ...every time!

That first month, when your friend, Shirley & her four friends have each placed their initial $500 orders (about $100 is for Nikken's registration fee & shipping, etc.) the total volume for the group is 5 x $500 = $2,500. The first $1,500 earns Shirley the Senior Rank & the remaining $1,000 earns her a 5% rebate ($50).

The second month (or week, if your friend's in a hurry like Clyde was), when each of those four help THEIR four friends do the same thing, the total orders in Shirley's group total 16 x $500 in start-up orders plus 5 x $100 = $500 in AutoShip orders = $8,500. Each of the friend's friends earn the Senior Rank & a rebate of $50 as Shirley did the first month & the first $5,000 provides a 5% rebate ($250) & earns Shirley the Executive Rank & the other $3,500 also creates a 5% rebate ($175) since Shirley's four friends also earn their 5% & Shirley's second month check is about $500.

The third month (or week) when each of Shirley's four friends' sixteen friends' help THEIR four friends do the same thing, Shirley's group has grown to four first level, 16 second level & 64 third level (85 total people). The 48 start-up $500 orders total $24,000 & the 21 $100 AutoShip orders bring the total volume for that third period to $26,100, earning Shirley the Silver Rank & a check of about $3,000.

If we've helped our people effectively help their friends & they're all doing what they said they'd do, that's a MINIMAL $3,000 check. Much more likely, many of those people will value their health enough to start with the full Living Water System, Shower System, magnetic/far-infrared insoles, Sleep System, etc. & most will need closer to $200 per month in AutoShip orders, so Shirley's third check would be closer to $5,000

The fourth month (week?) gets more complicated but Shirley would have a solid Gold organization with four qualifying Silver Wellness Consultants first level, ready for a Nikken-paid car & I'm told that her check would be about $8,000

(Shirley's group would include 4 x 64 = 256 on the fourth level plus the other 85 = 341 people. The start-up $500 orders would total $128,000 + $8,500 AutoShip orders = $136,500 total group volume for Shirley. Nikken pays the total 20% rebate ($27,300) to Shirley's group & Shirley's paid a 6% Leadership bonus for her entire group's efforts (about $8,000).

Gigi asked how many levels it takes for Shirley to earn the Diamond Rank, so here's my attempt at to figure it ... dunno how accurate this is. Looks like from the third month on, she advances one rank per month:

The fifth month Shirley's first level four friends would be at the Gold Level, making her a Platinum wellness Consultant & there'd be 1,024 new friends ordering $512,000 plus 341 on A/S @ $34,100 for a total group volume of $546,100 & Shirley's 6% check would be about $32,766 & would probably be driving a rather decent company-paid-for car & accumulating company funds toward her home payments.

The sixth month Shirley's a Diamond Wellness Consultant with four first level Platinum WC's & the 4,096 new people order $500 each, or $2,048,000 & the other 1,365 contribute their $100 A/S of $136,500 for a total group volume of $2,184,500 & Shirley's 6% = about $131,070.

The seventh month (week?) Shirley's four first level Diamonds nudge her into the Royal Diamond spot with 16,384 new people ordering $8,174,000 in start-up orders plus the 5,461 others ordering $546,100 in their $100/month A/S for a total group volume of $8,720,000 Shirley struggling along with a measly $523,206 check for the month.

Impossible? Hardly, those are the numbers already accomplished by Dave Johnson, Dennis & Ruth Williams ... & Wolfgang Sonnenburg did more than that in just the five years we've been with our company ... & without the tools of the LifeStyle program nor half the technologies & products we have today. It's VERY possible & very doable & it's the path Lou & I are following, 'tho I suspect neither of us have the desire nor need to move that quickly. It's terribly simple but not particularly easy ... unless you find herding cats easy work.

Why won't this work? Because not all those people will do what they say & you'll need to replace them with people who will. However the support system & the positive results people get with the LifeStyle Program will keep most in the program for life. And many will introduce a lot more people they care about than just the four each. And this doesn't even cover the Sleep Systems, MagSteps, etc. that they'll all want ... & will be able to afford easily once they get into the program.

AND ... YOU'LL certainly not stop after introducing the first four friends. You'll keep introducing people & it'll be a much quicker process once your first four have become successful, so despite people dropping out of the Program, you may do better than these numbers.

what is Ruth Williams & Char Rogers LifeStyles Program?

Get all the details, forms, info by clicking here.

where you can click for constantly updated info on:

LifeStyle Process
LifeStyle Commitment
Welcome Letter
Worksheet Setup
Start Now Carbs
Start Now Protein
The Business Potential
LifeStyle Schedule
Leadership Certification

& listen to the audio on the company's "NewsFronts"! Briefly, the
LifeStyles Program is an extremely well conceived, designed & supported way of living that combines our company's nutritional supplements, food, energy shoes, exercise, & Living Water.

The other audio we like for helping people understand "the Zone" concept, how it works & why we ought to implement it, is "An hour in the Zone", #382 from Blue Ribbon Video. It features Laurence Smith, a Zone Perfect Certified Instructor with degrees in psychology & social work.

Click here for a special Blue Ribbon Video site for all LifeStyles Program support materials.

CONCLUSION--We've found in the last five years that our company studied the Amways, Nutritechs, Mannatechs, Mary Kays & in creating Network Marketing Japanese-style, eliminated all the bad stuff from the concept & strengthen all the good stuff.

Char Rogers & Ruth Williams & the McTerry's (Pat Terry & Mac McDonald) have done the same with the
LifeStyle Program, eliminated all the reasons why previous diet & nutrition programs have not worked, strengthened & enlarged all the reasons that they do.

The combination of our company's technologies & philosophy plus the LifeStyle Program has enabled Clyde Davies'
Four = 3000 Method to eliminate all the reasons why these geometric progression MLM programs are distasteful & don't work & enhance all the reasons why they do.

By the way, at the Missoula, Montana Expo in September, Dick Walker, MD mentioned that the scientific community is now using
Basal Metabolic Index (BMI) to determine if a person is normal, overweight, obese or morbidly obese.

You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared, then multiplying the result by 703 (no, I don't know who came up with that strange formula nor why they use it). If your BMI is between

18-25, you're normal/healthy weight
25-30 = overweight
30-40 = obese
over 40 = morbidly obese

For example, Bob weighs 155# at 5'10", so the formula is 155/(70x70 ) x 703 = 22.2
Lou weighs 150# at 5'8", so the formula is 150/(68x68) x 703 = 22.8

That doesn't make much sense to me because it treats men & women the same & does not include any indication whether the weight is fat, muscle or bone?!?

Not for everyone?

Am I suggesting that we approach EVERYONE this way? Well, it might be a good idea for awhile, 'tho someone like me would never have looked at the products or the business or anything if approached like that. But then why would anyone want to baby-sit someone like me for five years while he overcame his negativity & figured out how to build a business?? & even someone like me, if approached with the "Who do you know who'd like to earn an extra $3,000 a month?" by someone I respect & someone who was genuinely trying to help other people, might likely provide you with a few names to contact ... & if those people liked what was being offered, I'd probably provide you with dozens more names. Successful people often like to help other people.

If we approach someone like me with the thought of how much money I'm gonna make off this guy's contacts, that message comes thru & we get no contacts.

Brainstorming ideas for LifeStyles Energy and Weight Management Promotion.

Please email your ideas to drmoffat@5pillars.com. Thank you SO much!

The Outrageous Promise: To slash the statistics of lifestyle related diseases by 50% before the end of this decade.  Here are those statistics:

The leading causes of death in the United States in order are:

            #1 Heart Disease 2.4million deaths annually

            #2 Cancer over 1&Mac218;2 million deaths annually—the leading cause of death in children

            #3 Stroke approximately 175,000 deaths annually

            #4 Properly prescribed, properly taken prescription drugs

And what about these statistics?

            1 in 4 adults have high blood pressure

            102.3 million adults with high cholesterol

            64% of American adults are obese

            17 million Americans with diabetes (up  49% in the last 10 years)

            90-95% have Type 2 diabetes, which is totally preventable with proper lifestyle

The Challenge:  We need your ideas on how to achieve this promise working as a team of Nikken Wellness Consultants.

 The question:  If your life depended on it, what action steps would YOU take to make this happen?

Idea Bank:  (Please add your ideas to the bottom of the list—Thank you!)

Several letters for test marketing to nurses

Write a book (like the One Minute Millionaire) on how we accomplished our goal

Let all Nikken distributors input stories on how they participated in the vision

Get caterers to serve zone lunches with a snack included to the nursing staff at the hospital—Like a lunch cart

LifeStyles in home presentations, parties, wellness previews

Have a bulletin board on Ruth Williams’  website to gather ideas in one place

Websites that interlink to each other and turf flow into lifestyles education

Individualize recopies to what people like to eat- give out 5 recipes for meals, snacks, shakes

Develop a recipe book and market it on line

Develop color-coded recipe cards for male, female, vegetarian, blood types

Salad flow chart- slide rule so they have the amounts instantly available to them

One on one’s with nurses, teachers, health care practioners

Presentations to service clubs

In hospital support- at shift changes, personal counseling, emotional clearing?

Videos on making meals, education, testimonies

Audiocassettes on natural sources for vitamins/minerals/amino acids

Audiocassettes on foods and why you crave certain ones

Audiocassettes featuring water system, cardiostrides in the LifeStyles program

Video of different smoothie recipes. Include several recipes w/ the video

List of nurses for 3-way calls- esp. those nurses on the LifeStyles program

Interview nurses on the job who are on the program so nurses can hear the noises in the background and see that they can incorporate it into their busy schedules

News releases

Emotional clearing workshops centered on weight issues

E-zine on health, LifeStyles, Alternative-healing techniques featuring Nikken stuff

Talk w/ hospital administrators- slip ad for LifeStyles program in w/ paychecks.

Inter and Intra-hospital competitions

(Like the great American Smoke out campaign)

Prizes for the most points, the most weight lost, and?

Individual counseling and personalizing the program when they reach a plateau

800 line for questions

Support calls like Ruth Williams has already

Prize ideas: 

Lunch or dinner w/ a diamond distributor as the contest winner.

Draw names at expo for same for those participating in the program

Purchase/Donate a water system to the participating hospitals so everyone can have the water

Post ideas on the 5 Pillars Health Digest site

Need websites to advertise the program

Find addicts who will buy into diet programs

Develop and email list of 100,000 names by Dec. 2003

Fill snack machines with prepackaged balanced snacks

Purchase Char’s LifeStyle charts separately so we can have extras for the workplace

Publicity about the program. Radio, TV, Ads in newspapers, etc.

Booths at all local events featuring the program.  Find some events catalogues

Before and after pictures

Run ads in the Alternative Medicine and healing techniques magazines/journals/papers

Contact World Health Organization and get them on board.

Contact Center for Disease Control and get them on board

Contact teachers who want to make a difference. Esp. special needs teachers (ADD, ADHD)

Get more Nikken distributors on the LifeStyles program

Talk to exercise businesses (Curves) get them to cross-market with us.

“Ginsu knife” promotion. How do we make this an unbeatable offer they can’t refuse?

Coupons for specials

On line auctions of products for the program. One-month free supplements?

Wholesale prices for 24 hrs. only deals

Free evaluations

Testimonial sheets/flyers

Are we giving up the heart of the company; the Rollout, Humans Being More Silver Training, the Sleep System?

No way. we're emphasizing them even more. Not only is the LifeStyle Program the world's finest gift of abundant health, it's also the ideal relationship-builder. We have 30 days of DAILY support/accountability calls with which to build lasting & deep relationships with our new people ... then another few months or years to strengthen those relationships! When our friends experience the quality of people that our company attracts to those calls & the sincere levels of loving caring & support ... along with the amazing benefits to their health & quality of life. They'll be INSISTING on attending HBM Silver Training, acquiring their own Certified Wellness Homes & all the rest!

This LifeStyle 4 = 3,000 is a
BRILLIANTLY BEAUTIFUL concept. You are definitely in the right place at the right time!"

Lou's & my Wellness Business past & future ... time for introspection?

As of 11/15, our company's computers have recognized that three leaders in our group earned the Silver Rank (Shirley Taylor in about 2.5 mo. & Jim's Maeno & Euler in about 2.5 years each) & that Lou & I have thereby qualified at the Gold level.

Lou seems content to bask in the light of her accomplishment & I'm tired of the Gold Rank already, so we are using this LifeStyle 4 = 3,000 program to earn our Diamond Rank 'cause 'til we're at the Diamond Level, this business is too much work ... even 'tho it's fun work ... & 'til we reach the Diamond Rank we won't likely be replacing our dental practice income on a residual basis.

CONFESSIONS you might not want to hear:

1--It took Lou & me 18 months to earn the Silver Rank.

2--It took us another 50 months after that to earn the Gold Rank.

3--None of the four friends who earned their Silver Ranks in our group did it in a reproducible, simple manner that we can teach new people.

4--Ours was not the sort of path that sane folks would want to follow.

How did we screw up so badly? It's taken me five years to realize how. I'd been assuming it was:

--Bob's weird & no one can identify with him or his lifestyle (yeah but Lou's normal)

--Bob's an only child & most successful people in Nikken come from large families where the learn the value of group interactions, group relationships, etc.

--Bob's a doctor & Lou & Bob have thousands of people who respect them so people figure sure, they can succeed in a wellness business, but I'm not a doctor & I could never do it.

--Lou & I had no desire nor need for more money.

--We love dentistry & already had a great lifestyle by most folks' standards.

Any & all of those could have contributed to our slow start but I now think it was mostly the fact that I was so overwhelmed with the positive effects the company's technologies have on peoples' lives that it never occurred to me that most people can't ... or won't ... purchase $5,000 worth of this stuff to benefit their own health immediately.

It always seemed obvious to me ... & people SAY they agree ... that we must get our physical health in balance first, THEN we can concentrate on our financial health. So, for five years we've been trying to impress friends with these miraculous products ... & probably often looking like magnet sales people.

But what most people DO is concentrate 80% or more of their attention on the financial part of their lives & ONLY after that's in place (which seldom happens in this over-taxed society) , do they feel they have the time, energy & money to devote to healthy body, mind, family & society. So ... we gotta start showing people the business FIRST, just as our leaders have been telling us (and as Dawn suggested before moving to Sacto) ... and now we have a way to do it simply & comfortably ... LifeStyle 4 = 3,000!

Have you ever met someone who needs ... perhaps even wants ... our products but doesn't feel able to afford to purchase them & certainly has no time nor money to join us in this business? I think I once met someone like that.

Has anyone ever joined your business to build a business of their own & then never done it? Ever had a person like that sorta forget to renew their membership after a year? Our top leaders tell us that we have 30-90 days after sponsoring someone who wants to build a business to help them sponsor someone else & to get a decent check from our company or we'll lose that person.

"Success is never ending, failure is never final" - Dr Robert Schuller


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