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This is the fellow we searched for from 1990 'til he found us in '95. We've worked with Don for three years as a full partner. He will care for our clients with excellence and compassion.

Don's an internationally known dentist and educator (well, he's lectured quite a bit in US & Canada on dentistry & team-building & dental teams came to his magnificent Ridgecrest facility to observe & learn!) who was guided to us by Debbie Hakam & Bill Carson in '95. He accepted leadership & management of North Shore Dental October, 1996, commuting 6-hrs each way from his prime practice in Ridgecrest, California 'til moving permanently to Tahoe & buying half of NSD in August of '97. He's introduced Drs Roy DeLappe & Jorge Zapata to North Shore Dental & together they're building their team, re-focusing on the basics of dentistry: PREVENTION & HEALTH, THE BEST DENTISTRY IS NO DENTISTRY AND A GOOD BITE -- the concepts that built our unique practice since '72.

Don, Roy & their team are building the Premiere Practice, a world-class group of talented, dedicated dental professionals, the ultimate dental team. Their goal is to share themselves and their concepts with the world, focusing on EDUCATION & COMMUNICATION from your first comprehensive co-discovery, co-diagnosis, consultation visits, thru building relationships, appropriate financial agreements (we've noticed we're excellent at dentistry, dismal failures at banking) co-creating an individual plan to meet YOUR dental health goals, including whatever meticulous hi tech/hi touch care you choose to receive.

Dr. Don is the quintessential communicator, teacher & leader. He brought the concept of BALANCING OCCLUSION FOR THE "PERFECT BITE" to North Shore Dental IN 1996 when he joined Lou & me. I was impressed enough with Dr. Don's results & enthusiasm that I spent five days, along with our long-time ace lab tech, Erik Johnson, in St. Petersburg, Florida learning from Dr. Don's mentor, Dr. Peter Dawson, respected dentist/researcher for 40 years & author of THE book on the subject of occlusion & complete dentistry. The basic concept is that there's ONE position where our lower jaw is most comfortable when fully seated against the base of our skull in front of our ears & when all our teeth contact at the same time & with the same intensity. When that balance is achieved, all the proprioceptive nerve signals to the muscles that cause grinding, clenching, gnashing & flexing of the teeth as well as gingival recession, wear of the SIDES of the teeth ("abfraction" -- it was never "tooth brush abrasion" after all!), wear of the biting surfaces, & often HEADACHES (Dr. Don's specialty!) STOP. The system quits wearing out, muscles are calm, relaxed, tension is turned off, stress is reduced, PEOPLE FEEL GOOD. Dr. Reid has helped HUNDREDS of folks dump headaches & other symptoms they suffered with for decades! Ask his team about THEIR experiences! Exciting times.


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