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How Can Living Water be Introduced to Dental Teams?

"How would you recommend introducing dentists, hygienists, orthodontists, etc. to the Adventure? How can they use our technology in their practices?"

Dentist are humans; most of their clients are humans (we did care for several show dogs in our practice since '72 ... and they respond even quicker than humans to the magnetic & far-infrared technology!), so we used the products the same as normal humans do ... plus we:

offered the SuperMini, which combines far-infrared and powerfully re-designed magnetic technology that ought to penetrate to the internal pterygoids as well as anywhere in the mandible or maxilla to allow the body to soothe discomfort effectively, if clients in discomfort or expecting post-tx discomfort were interested.

Placed a MagStep with a rubber band around ONE foot after they're seated at the start of the visit--"in the next few minutes, describe what you feel." whatever it is ... "that's a good sign." if they ask "Yeah, what's it mean?" we say "I think it means your body's taking the energy & therefore needs it."--Not only introduces client to our new businss' technology, but distracts him/her from the dental procedure.

Provided Magboys attached with Velcro to handle in each treatment room--any mention of achy area, let client or assistant run MagBoys on area 'til comfy

Used SoliTens to relieve head/neck pain via John O'Brien's book "Suggestions for Use of Hand-Held TENS Unit"

.....Toothache relief on Hoku points

.....Gag relief for x-rays, impressions with 4-5 finger point

kept a MagCreator at the business office & treatment rooms for pre- & post-tx head-to-tail Nelson rollout

recommended "KenkoFloss", the most advanced & effective oral health care system yet devised and the ONLY one combining hydro-irrigation, magnetized, de-chlorinated water and ultimate in-the-shower convenience!
combination of ShowerFloss with The Shower System )

asked about aches, discomfort BEFORE seating, provided Magstep or flexibility demo if appropriate, recorded on form:

used a very thorough Health History forms that includes symptoms, quality of sleep, back pain, neck pain, headache, "What would cause you to avoid the dental care you feel you need: PAIN, COST, TIME, CONCERN?"

focused our intra-oral video camera on the face of our watch prior to touring a mouth, displaying the rather classy Humans Being More logo full-screen size ... with or without comment, as appropriate.

wore far-infrared sox, magnetic necklace, belt, bracelet, MagSteps, back flex.

provided books on alternative care, magnetics, far infrared in reception room

made gifts of backrolls after hours in reception room or private office

dispensed minis, Super Minis, sleep masks, ElastoMag headbands & SoliTens for post-tx comfort.

If I were still practicing dentistry rather than having graduated to Wellness Consultant status, using the KenkoWave or Biaxial SuperMini's for "TMJ disorders" is exactly what I'd be doing, recognizing that the causes of "TMJ" symptoms is almost never problems within that TemporoMandibular Joint, but spasms of the muscles that move it, generally the internal pterygoid muscles. The KenkoWave's 3 cm deep focus is precisely ideal for helping the body relax those muscles, which would allow the dentist to determine the cause of the problem and recommend solution ... or perhaps the infrared or magnetic energy may allow the body to solve the problem without the dentist even getting involved.

And with the newer technologies:

While I've not yet experimented, I suspect, since most jaw-related problems involve muscle spasms causing clenching, grinding & flexing of the teeth, especially during sleep, I suspect the new super-mini & magnetic ear rings could help the body relax those muscles.

PiMag!! -- I'd have a PiMag unit in the office & help my dental team understand its benefits so they drink it & their health improves & they become more effective in their lives ... & jobs & they'll be offering it to our clients & talking about it & I'd encourage them sponsor whichever clients they educate to the point where they want to join the organization, etc..

Also, since learning that sucrose addiction is caused by chronic dehydration and ended by use of Living Water, I'd strongly recommend that any client I treat be using Living Water as their primary fluid intake so that their mouths & bodies achieve & maintain Optimum Health and so that the teeth & periodonontal structures supporting my dental restorations stays healthy. With clients showing any symptoms of muscle, tendon, cartilage, bone or joint symptoms, I'd insist on the Living Water to allow the body to properly lubricate the joints with synovial fluid, re-hydrate the sick tissues & relieve the symptoms. For details on these new concepts, click here.

Because of a scare a few years ago about "suck back" from dental handpiece & water syringes where someone feared that the equipment was aspirating fluids from one patient's mouth & spraying it into the next patient's mouth or even somehow going upstream thru the dental water lines into the neighbors' water supply, most modern equipment is self-contained & uses bottles that most dentists fill with distilled water each day for their handpieces & water syringes. I'd fill those bottles each day with PiMag water & would expect many benefits in increased healing, more comfortable procedure, better feeling mouth, especially with dental hygiene procedures with ultrasonic instruments which would also spray the PiMag water into the areas being treated. benefits of the magnetic effects of oral irrigation water have already been demonstrated as noted above under KenkoFloss."


Shower System + ShowerFloss = KenkoFloss
The World's Most Advanced, Effective & Natural Oral Health Care Device.

"Why Most Advanced? It's the first & only non-electric
ACHLORO-HYDRO-PI-MAGNETO-DYNAMIC oral health care device. It combines:

1--Ionic shower filtration removes both free-radical chlorine
and most types of combined chlorine along with lead, hydrogen sulfide ("Rotten egg smell"), iron oxides and sediments. Most people know chlorine dries hair, skin & mucous membranes; as a health professional, you're likely aware of the research linking chlorine absorption thru skin and lungs with multiple health problems. Chlorine is a systemic poison and no one wants to breathe it while showering.

2--magnetics--studies in '93 & '98 showed plaque & calculus control with oral irrigation to be 44-64% more effective when the water was magnetized. Magnetic technology was researched & proven by HydroFloss (apparently the magnetics reverse the polarity of the water ions at the molecular level & inhibits the bacteria's ability to attach to your teeth and reach critical mass). but their machine has the same inconveniences a the WaterPik so people just don't use those devices consistently. ("The Effect of Oral Irrigation with a Magnetic Water Treatment Device on Plaque and Calculus", Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 1993, 20:314-17--Double-blind study with 60 patients showed a 44% greater reduction in calculus volume over group using an un-magnetized irrigator.

3--pi, "the Water of Life" energy--30-year old Asian technology of Michio Kushi introduced in our company's drinking water system now available in the shower ... & oral irrigation!

The Effectiveness of a Magnetized Water Oral Irrigator (Hydro Floss) on Plaque, Calculus and Gingival Health", Journal of Clinical Periodontolgy, Karen E. Johnson, John J. Sanders ISSN, 0303-6979, 1998, 25:316-21--Univ of S Carolina Double-Blind crossover study with 32 patients showed a 64% greater reduction in calculus volume over group using an un-magnetized irrigator.

--HydroFloss proved the effectiveness of the magnetic technology for oral irrigators; check their info at www.hydrofloss.com)

Why Most Effective? People actually USE it. I've owned various counter-top electrical oral irrigators since the 70's & recommended them to hundreds of clients but hardly anyone really used them consistently, even me -- they're just too much hassle to fill, hang head over sink, clean up, etc.. We use the ShowerFloss because it's convenient, handy, requires NO maintenance, is effective, fun (even mildly erotic). Compliance is no problem.

Why Most Natural The water's restored to its natural condition. The benefits of de-chlorination are obvious. To appreciate the value of themagnetics & the pi energy, consider the earth as a giant dynamo, a spinning magnetic field within the sun's energy field. Water in lakes, streams and wells, in contact with the earth's magnetic field & the energy of the sun, is in harmony with the planet. When we process and store the water in tanks and pipes, isolated from that energy, it's taste, texture and physical properties become less desirable. The pi-magnetic technology seems to restore the water to its natural molecular state.

To order the ShowerFloss

Sixth Pillar, 1-888-674-5329
or Blue Ribbon Video, (800) 533-2885,

For the Shower System
(catalog # 1339 @ $96 -- de-chlorination + magnetics + pi energy)
order by phone to (888) 2-NIKKEN [264-5536].

"Kenko" means "health" in Japanese; the company that created the Shower System originated in Japan & built a 250,000 sq. ft. facility in Irvine, CA & moved their international headquarters there from Japan August of '99. "Floss" is a misnomer that implies that the irrigator replaces floss. It doesn't, but research shows that the results are even better than with floss, partly because people actually USE it because it's convenient & fun.

"OUR INTEREST--Lou & I did not invent, design nor manufacture the ShowerFloss unit & we have no financial interest in its sales. Our only involvement was in using it successfully in our home & dental practice since '86 & discovering that when combined with Nikken's Shower System, it becomes the most effective & natural oral care device on the planet. Our sponsor, Grace Fuller, coined the term "KenkoFloss" when she began using the combination."


'71--Dr. Omer Reed invested two days in our dental school senior class at a retreat at Asilomar explaining Preventive Dentistry. Lou & I were fascinated; Omer became our dental mentor & we visited his Phoenix office, corresponded for years. Omer led us to Bob Barkley's work & we discovered Dr. Jack Anderson, who provided ALL dental care at zero fee to all the kids in his Wayzata, Minnesota practice once they successfully completed his preventive dentistry program. From there, we studied Bass, Arnim & the rest.

'73--Prior to his "Fit or Fat" & "HealthRider" fame, Covert Bailey was teaching dental teams to teach Preventive Dentistry effectively & we invited him to Tahoe to present a three-weekend seminar for 35 dental teams. He taught us the system we used for several years, based on an etiology diagram showing plaque as the main cause of dental diseases & home care, nutrition, etc. as controlling factors. He taught that since plaque was sticky, it required a rubbing aid (brush/floss) to remove or disrupt it & therefore we taught for several years that irrigators & rinses were useless.

'78--Dr. Bhaskhar & others demonstrated that while the irrigators don't remove 80% of the plaque, the 20% they do remove is the active, loosely-attached plaque that causes about 90% of the damage and that the irrigators do remove things that brush & floss miss. We repeated an easy experiment with many people: brush/floss as thoroughly as possible, then use an irrigator & collect the water in a clear glass, allow it to settle (or centrifuge). There's quite a volume of material missed by the brush & floss that's swept away by the irrigator. So I bought a WaterPik for my own
use & recommended them to hundreds of clients. Some bought them, hardly anyone used them consistently for long.

'86--Clyde Stewart, retired General Motors engineer in Florida, was told by his dentist that he'd lose his teeth if he didn't floss. Clyde refused to floss & designed & built an oral irrigator that operated off his showerhead, used it daily while showering & saved his teeth. He founded ShowerFloss to make his discovery available to everyone.

'92?--Hydro-Floss added magnetics to the WaterPik & increased the effectiveness from 44-64% as demonstrated repeatedly by double-blind crossover university studies (attached).

'95--I learned about the ShowerFloss & have used it every day since & have recommended it to hundreds of clients with excellent results.

'97--I learned of the Hydro-Floss & tried to persuade ShowerFloss & HydroFloss owners to combine the two products. They would not.

'99--Our company added magnetics to their Shower System & when I installed the new filter cartridge with my ShowerFloss, I realized that this IS the device I'd been trying to create since '97! Enjoy it!

2001--Our company introduced an upgraded Shower system that adds pi energy to the
equation, making the KenkoFloss even better, now as a
ACHLORO-HYDRO-PI-MAGNETO-DYNAMIC oral health care device!"

MAGNETIC RELAXATION -- we lost one .... almost.

Winnie Warren, of Reno, left our office after she & her family had been enthusiastically letting us help her & her family & friends toward Optimum Dental Health since the early 70's & said "I'm not coming back ... 'til you provide a magnetic relaxation pad in your chair". Winnie's an intelligent human & a good friend, so we've done a bit of study & the results have amazed us. This magnetics technology is fairly new to this country & has been very effective in Japan & much of the rest of the world for 20 years (actually used in many parts of the world for thousands of years, apparently Cleopatra & much of the ancient royalty wore magnetic lode stones for their physical & emotional benefits!) So ... we now have magnetic relaxation pads for your added comfort. Most bodies react with deep relaxation, a very few report an irritating buzzing-crawling sensation, many notice nothing. Interesting stuff! It's prompted us to open & learn more!


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