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For several months in '96 Lou & I were very excited about flying to London, cycling in Ireland, etc.. A few days before that March '97 trip, the feces hit the ventilator & the trip was canceled. We were stuck with non-refundable, non-transferable air tickets & I was facing life with an extremely disappointed wife.

We discovered that an adventure called Silver
Humans Being MoreTraining was being offered in San Diego during the time we were to have gone to Europe, so we bought very expensive last-minute air tickets to San Diego, paid the full at-the-door cost of entry to Silver Training & experienced it. As you've heard, it did change our lives. It facilitated the most powerful improvements in our relationship we'd ever achieved. Lou was impressed enough to drive to Boise, Idaho that June to repeat the experience, dragged me to the 1/17-18/98 Reno Silver Training, attended her fourth Silver Training in Sacramento & wants to go again soon! Beautiful experience! While not all attendees are Nikken Wellness Consultants, distributors are required by the company to attend. Once we pay to attend once, further attendance is free for life. Quite a company!

Humans Being More Training is a "process training workshop", similar to a 'retreat' in which one "stops and smells the roses" and evaluates one's life, purpose, and direction, . . .all in a loving, supportive environment with a professional facilitator. You will make new life-long friends, as well as renew existing bonds with loved ones, both present and absent. It is life-changing!

The cost is $250 for you & includes as many repeats of the experience as many times as you choose, (Lou's attended seven times so far, dragged me 4 times & it gets easier ... & better for me each time), for life, at no cost. To get the cost lowered to $200, let us sponsor you into our new businss & register & attend within 60 days of joining. Since, in the US, the distributorship costs $49 + tax, makes sense to let us sponsor you as a Nikken Wellness Consultant, 'cause the kit, including Franklin Planner is the best way to evaluate the business opportunity.

(Our friends, Chuck & Leslie asked how the trainers are paid. I'm not yet sure if they collect the fees & pays the expenses & the trainers or if all the fees go to the trainers & they pay the expenses & organize the trainings. I DO know that no Wellness Consultant, including Lou & me, receive any financial compensation from anyone's attendance at the Training. I believe that they probably subsidizes the Silver
Humans Being More Trainings because of their vision, just as they subsidize the $49 registration package.)

If you'd like more info, dates & locations scheduled, etc., CLICK HERE

"If you'd like..... CLICK HERE, to join and receive a $50 discount on Silver Training, CLICK HERE"

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