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Lou's Views

Here's how I see the Nikken Adventure impacting people:

First, Nikken's mind-blowing high-impact technologies get people's attention IMMEDIATELY (energy & balance demonstrations). Those experiences grab the MIND, helping it open ... Humans Being More Training helps it open further so truth can pour in.

At the same time, they experience the benefits in the health of the
BODY thru the LifeStyle Program (exercise, nutrition, Living Water) & they soon share these benefits with their FAMILY --

The Wellness Home
--Rest, Relaxation & Energy
--Environment [Air & water systems]
--Nutrition [Bio-Directed & Skin care on AutoShip]
--Fitness [exercise with Muscle Trainer shoes]
The Wellness Home attracts their neighbors, their community &
they're sharing it with

That sequence automatically leads to healthy
FINANCES, as their friends duplicate what they've done, spreading health & wealth globally.

This is a beautiful concept. Everyone wants a Wellness Home, it's the way to Optimum Health & low or NO medical/drug costs ... & we have a monopoly on Wellness Homes! You are truly in the right place at the right time.

Lou very seldom speaks about rank with our company & when she does, she doesn't usually share her thoughts with our team. However, tonight she gave me a copy of this message she sent to Barbara & John Gunther, our friends, dental clients & near-Diamond Consultants in Verdi, Nevada:

"There is something about being "Silver" that is great, but if I may share, There is something about achieving the Gold level that certainly has put a feeling of responsibility and humility and is a wonderful challenge to help and encourage others in any way we can. It is important for all of us to help ourselves to grow and to get outside of our little boxes. I know this has been a hard journey for me because I was comfortable where I was. Now , I want to step outside of my comfortable box and really assume a leadership role??????? We can only do it together. Help me in any way you can, and in turn maybe I can help you.

Hey!!!!!!!!! enough of this mushy stuff.......LET'S DO GOLF OR JUST WALKING ON THE GREEN......

Again thank you, Barbara and John

Just me-----
Lou Wynman

Lou will probably be furious when she learns I've shared this with you but I want you to know the wonderful positive effect you've had on our lives by working with us in this magnificent Wellness Consultant Experience.



"If you don't make waves, the pond becomes stagnant"

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