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For 30 years, Lou & I were definitely NOT interested in any new opportunities. Out of ignorance we had negative beliefs, especially about network marketing. We were leading very unbalanced lives with total focus on our dental practice. July 15, 2000, we sold North Shore Dental to our partner, having graduated to a new level (click here for details).

We've re-educated ourselves and are very interested ... and we've become very particular about any business we'd consider. For us to participate, a company must:

1--Be founded on a win-win, life-enhancing philosophy & ethical principles in which we strongly believe, a philosophy we could live by regardless of our interest in the business.

2--Be positioned in an industry we're knowledgeable & excited about & which is growing exponentially.

3--Provide products that are exciting, UNIQUE, HIGH-TECH / HIGH-TOUCH, that impact people's lives physically or emotionally, that have little or no competition, that demonstrably help people and our planet NOW & that sell themselves (we're NOT salespeople).

4--Be a stable, sound company with at least a five-year track record of success AND at the same time, be a relative "start-up" company with its major period of explosive growth still ahead (sounds impossible, eh?).

5--While it's not mandatory for us, we'd PREFER a company that pays us very well for our efforts.

Does your opportunity meet any of those five requirements?

Intense semi-leisurely research since 1994 revealed ONE company that fits ALL FIVE of our requirements! That one is our company. It's:

1--Founded on "The Five Pillars of Health": Physical, Mental, Relationship, Financial & Societal Health -- and is committed to enabling its Wellness Consultants (& everyone else interested) to achieve Optimal Health!

2--Providing products in the fastest growing secret (Prevention) of the largest industry (Health Care) where Lou & I have worked & learned since '69.

3--Providing sell-themselves dynamic, dazzling, people-helping products with immediate physical and emotional impact -- with a 200-year plan for success based on world health, world peace!!

4--Probably the second largest MLM company on the planet yet is relatively new to the world's largest market, North America & is just now beginning to expand into Europe & the rest of the world! 10/99 our company moved its' world headquarters from Fukuoka, Japan to Irvine California in a built-for-cash $63 million, 215 square foot showplace. The true start-up opportunity with the stability of a 25+ year old global giant of a company! LOU & BOB'S "NETWORK MARKETING EVOLUTION"

Prior to '93, we were devout opponents of all "multi-level marketing" schemes, having lost several "friends" who were obnoxiously over-zealous about trying to pull us into Amway, NuSkin, Shaklee, ProDentec (Rotadent), etc. when we had no interest in it (we still have no interest in those companies, despite the fact that their products are excellent; they've been around long enough to have developed more than enough distributors already & they're now primarily sales organizations & we don't enjoy that sort of selling). For decades, Lou & I viewed all MLM structures as a small step above purse-snatching. However, our MLM attitude changed completely after I discovered Terra Libra* in October, '93.

Since '93, we've re-thought MLM, re-visited some of our Amway friends, subscribed to & read Upline Magazine, read a few books (The New Professionals is highly recommended, as is "Wave 4" , by Richard Poe, editor of Success Magazine -- click on 'em to order immediately on-line!) listened to hundreds of hours of audio tapes & have come to new conclusions:

1) A very large % of all goods in the US will be manufactured &/or distributed thru network marketing by 2,000 AD,

2) Network Marketing is the last bastion & perhaps the purest form of good, honest free enterprise,

3) As with all free market transactions, all MLM deals are win-win (there are no employers, no employees; it's all voluntary, so ONLY transactions that benefit EVERYONE ever happen -- no one ever pays money voluntarily unless (s)he values the product or service more than the money & no one ever gives up the product or service voluntarily without valuing the money more),

4) Network marketing is the most efficient, honest, equitable, fair, moral & ethical method of moving products from manufacturer to user,

5) It IS "the Peoples' Franchise", being the only practical way us common folk can experience the benefits of owning a franchise without paying millions in buy-in fees ... and enjoy even more benefits than the franchise owners ... and much more independence,

6) It's "Franchising Squared" 'cause it not only gives you the right to sell the products, but to help others become Wellness Consultants & earn from their efforts after you've helped train them.

Our company is not really "MLM" anyhow, it's based on the Japanese re-engineered network marketing concept, the "New Economy" in which over 70% of goods & services are provided in Asia. ALL Nikken Wellness Consultants and customers buy direct from the company, at the same prices, not from a string of distributors at varying prices; there are no inventory requirements, no shipping & receiving, no writing checks for other Wellness Consultants, etc. Our company is the premiere "Fourth Wave" Network Marketing organization. We've grown considerably from our interactions with our company friends & our company-sponsored education. The outfit draws loving, caring people like a magnet!

To learn more details about the company, the technology, the big picture &/or to join us in this adventure CLICK HERE

*Terra Libra is the first & probably the only truly free country, founded 5/93 by Frederick Mann. He & a few friends conceived the brilliant idea of spreading Freedom Technology thru the awesome power of Network Marketing & because the products had so much appeal to me, I learned a lot about MLM from '93 to 96, when Frederick sold the MLM parts of TL to folks whose philosophy was not mine.

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