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Our Graduation to
Our New Profession

Why Did Lou & Dr. Bob Leave Dentistry?

"In one word: PRAXIS: The integration of belief with behavior.

In more words: We've graduated to the next step in our journey of personal growth -- gaining the resources & skills needed to help ourselves and those we care about lead more balanced lives. Those resources & skills are available thru a wonderful global organization that embodies the essence of what Stephen Covey calls KAIZEN, Japanese for "spirit of continuous improvement", which happens to be not only my lifetime quest, but the essence of the international health & wellness organization we joined in 1997.

In 1956, when my Jr. Hi term paper on Teeth earned an A++ & I decided to be a dentist. Dentistry has been my life and passion except for a leave of absence '66-'69 to meet Lou and to grow personally. Now, 44 years later, it's time for another three-year Sabbatical to re-meet Lou & experience more personal growth. Only this time, we're not growing alone, we're taking lots of people along with us on a marvelous new vehicle. Perhaps you'd consider joining us! Click here to learn more.

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Starting with closed-minded skepticism in '97, Lou & I have studied, researched and experimented with this Kaizen adventure. We studied this global organization, the technology, the company, the people, everything about it for over three years. We've talked to physicists, engineers, biologists, chemists, physicians, chiropractors, veterinarians, accountants ... even lawyers, 'cause the opportunity seemed too good to be true & we have a 30-year reputation of integrity, quality & excellence in our Carnelian Ba"[^"]*"y dental practice to maintain & enhance. Our conclusion: It is true ... and way better than even the extravagant claims we heard. It's the greatest opportunity in the history of the world to attain whatever goals one has; it may be our BEST chance to save our planet, even our species. We have committed to work with this organization full time for the next three years before deciding when & where to return to dentistry.

The timing is no longer something we can ignore! People, especially the trend-setting Boomers, are at last being forced by economics & good sense to adopt a preventive mindset toward their health, the concept we taught in our dental practice since '72. Our organization is poised with it's 25-year history and impeccable integrity and financial stability to accelerate and
benefit from the new health awareness by helping millions of humans attain optimum health and a balanced life through the philosophy of the Five Pillars of Health. This philosophy will always be a major part of our lives.

Based on the organization's vision & action, their 200-year plan is to re-create a human-friendly environment on our planet ... and to help prepare each human who chooses to be responsible for her/his life & health, to be part of a planet-friendly species and to survive & prosper in the transition & beyond. And they've determined to accomplish this project by developingthe finest health & wellness products (any nontoxic, non-invasive, non-harmful technology that enhances the human physiology) & very effectively distributing those technologies thru the most evolved, moral, equitable version of the free market economy: network partnering Japanese-style!

As long as the company maintains its vision, integrity, quality & directed action, as it has since 1975, I'll be working with them. I'll never quit dentistry -- I love it & I'm getting to be pretty good at it -- but this is the most worthwhile endeavor I've ever been involved with as a health professional. So 7/14/00, Lou & I began at least a three-year sabbatical leave from our dental practice for personal growth and to help the organization achieve our goal of World Health, based on Balanced Lives founded on the Five Pillars of Health. We'd like to help you and those you care about use this vehicle to achieve whatever health goals you & they choose, including financial health.

It took me a couple decades to realize that "Financial Health" was a requisite for Optimum Health (some of us are slow learners, particularly when handicapped by a medical/dental "education"). However, after listening to our dental clients tell us for over a quarter century that they can't afford to live healthfully, can't afford organic produce, can't afford the time to exercise, develop healthful relationships, develop their minds, can't afford to buy floss, we're convinced that financial health ranks right up there with oxygen in this society. If you're concerned with how "Financial Health" could possibly have a place in Optimum Health. Click here for an essay on Profit from a physicist's point of view!

You can learn about our new adventure by clicking here.

If you'd like more technical as well as fun info, (click "5Pillars" at the bottom of that page, then "Magnetic Research" or "Nutrition Research" to check out dozens of pages of research documenting the logic & validity of our approach to nutrition with world-class PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE Bio-directed Neutri-ceuticals.

And if you'd like to chart your own progress toward a more Balanced Life, click on the "Is Your Life Balanced" icon & experience the "Health Calculator", then return regularly to update it for a semi-objective measure of your own progress.

You can make 5pillars your personal positive, simple, health-oriented entry portal to the InterNet by clicking on the very small, pale, nearly invisible icon on the right side of the 5pillars homepage about an inch down from the top "Start your day with 5pillars, then follow the brief instructions for your computer system! Each day when we log onto the Net, we're greeted with the Five Pillars of Health & the headlines describing a current article on health of Body, Mind, Family, Society & Finances, carefully selected from the mass of info in cyberspace by a panel of pros, custom weather report for Carnelian Bay (just punch in your zip code ONCE & your local weather's available at a single click whenever you want it), links to stock quotes, news, shopping, movies, whatever you want ... and it's FREE, just register at www.5pillars.com. We recommend it to all our health-oriented friends ... and it's a gentle friendly reminder of the Balanced Life philosophy for them every day! !

Perhaps you'd consider enough information to become our partners. Lou & I have studied every aspect of this thing for three years now. It's real .... and the timing is now.

The Five Pillars of Health concept appears to be the final integration of my studies for the last 30 years on pathways to Optimal Health. That journey led us thru dozens of "conventional" & alternative approaches & finally in 1980, to Natural Hygiene, in 1990 to Instinctive Living, complete with (and often unfortunate self-experimentation). If you're curious about that stuff, CLICK HERE."

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