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Like the products we loan, the great audio, video, CD materials are our employees ... very capable, consistent employees who can work 24 hrs/day every day, no complaints, no sickness, no excuses, no problems. They do what they do better than I can do it. The top people in our organization speak effectively on every aspect of our business speak from those tapes. They're a great way to leverage your time & they're available from our company, Blue Ribbon Video, Team Tools & 50 or so other vendors all listed & updated at www.global-wellness.org.

Which Tapes Should I Use --The ones YOU like best. Those will work best for you because YOU'RE excited about their content &/or speakers.
Marlene Eborn & her group say KEEP IT SIMPLE. Use ONLY "first Audio" & "First Video" as you intro tapes for EVERYBODY. Those work, they feature a few consistent successful folks from md to carpet cleaner & THEY WORK. Thousands of people have become successful using them & it's a simple, easily duplicatable system. So use those. Invest in 10-20 videos, 10-20 CD's, 50-100 audio tapes from Blue Ribbon Video.
Then FOLLOW-UP with other tapes where you can "match the hatch", listen to lots of tapes (listen to each one ten times or 'til you quit hearing something new each time) & decide which are YOUR favorites & provide whichever ones you think would interest your friend.

"The Next Trillion Dollars"
Paul Zane Pilzer
I'm so impressed with this info that I'm tempted to use this new tape (cat # 9237 from our company) as my primary intro audio for the Adventure.
Here are my notes from Pilzer's appearance at the October, 2000 World Convention:

PAUL ZANE PILZER--"THE" ECONOMIST--Due to Ayn Rand's influence in the 60's I've studied free market economics for a few decades & this was the most interesting talk on the subject I've ever heard. It's available from our company on audio (cat #9237--not available at the convention) -- highly recommended! Pilzer, with his very impressive credentials, clearly painted the complete picture of our present sick society from the economic perspective. He demonstrated exactly how the food industry, drug industry, medical industry & government agencies work together in our society, the resulting problems & the solutions ... then demonstrates that we're in the right place at the right time & with our company as the vehicle, with the Internet as a tool, we're part of the solution (an economy based on abundance rather than on scarcity) ... in all five pillars of health!

His talk appeals to everyone with a sense of freedom, honesty, health-awareness ... anyone with a twinge of the American Sense of Life. He was a breath of fresh air and he received a SPONTANEOUS, GENUINE standing ovation that would not stopped until he made a thoroughly unplanned return to the stage. THAT impressed me, not so much with Pilzer (I was already impressed to the max) but with the 6,000 Nikken Wellness Consultants. NO ONE waited for someone else to stand and cheer. We ALL stood & demanded his return ... immediately. I know our company attracts responsible people; I really had no idea they would ALL immediately understand what this man said. They did. We ARE in the right place at the right time ... with the right people ... to change the planet. (and beyond?)

Perhaps his audio tape will be as well received.

A few points from my illegible notes scribbled in the darkness:

55% of Americans are sick -- fat &/or obese & poor as a result of shifting from real whole foods to processed non-foods, drugs, non-natural lifestyles; a few are healthy & wealthy (can you imagine the communication skills it takes to get a unanimous standing ovation for saying THAT?). This guy is brilliant ... AND talented!

Trillions of dollars are about to be shifted to wellness rather than disease care worldwide and our company is positioned precisely beneath the new funnel of dollars.

This one was originally intended to be available ONLY at the new Gold Training (soon to be renamed "Business Leadership Course") & they decided to make it available to us all at the World Convention. It's available as #9134 @$4 each from our company.

We're ordering 10 for a start. It will replace all the other Wellness Preview Videos for us (First Video, Second Look, Dennis William's WP, Marty Jeffrey's WP, etc., etc.). This one has it all: honest, credible people, top quality audio/video, covers ALL Five Pillars, including PRODUCTS, follows our company's original Humans Being More flip chart.

It's simple, effective, high tech/high touch.

Larry Proffit introduces the Preview, Dennis Williams takes over, Mike DiMuccio, Kathleen Deoul, William Todd & Ed Weins participate. We know all these people and have watched them all grow along with us since early '97. They're genuine, they understand the vision and potential of our company and they effectively communicate all that & much more in this video. Enjoy!

Simply, this is the best single introductory video for the Phenomenon. Yes, we'll still use the Doctor's Panel, 7 Questions, Kalench, Jeffrey's videos as follow up, but this is the one for the initial intro!

"Five Pillars of Health"
This has been my favorite intro audio tape since William Todd produced it. I'm not William's #1 fan but he's grown more perhaps than anyone we've known since we joined our company in '97 & I credit Bob Proctor & John Kalench for much of that growth. Our company simply attracts some of the finest minds on the planet ... like a magnet. Our company is a great learning opportunity, & one of the main reasons I'm planning to stay with it for life.
Marty Jeffrey & I both like this audio because it emphasizes the foundation of our company's philosophy, the Five Pillars of Health, and it features a great speaker on each Pillar, an effective & real person Lou & I have met & known for a few years. Lisa LiCota, MD, owner of Pain Clinics, speaks on the Healthy Body, Bob Proctor, our mentor for 20+ years, speaks on Healthy Mind, Reid Nelson, who went from troubled family man to proud family man on Healthy Family, John Kalench, world's top MLM coach, on Healthy Society & Al Keranen, sports coach & top earner in our company, on Healthy Finances. It's also available from BRV, TeamTools & many other vendors.

"Trading Time for Money"
...is available in audio / CD / video brochure formats (as well as flipcharts, slides, transparencies, etc.), It was to be Team Diamond's "New Wellness Preview" format but our company stuck to their original flipchart, etc. These materials are exceptionally well done & extremely effective for business people & folks in the corporate structure.
The audio & video feature REAL people. We've known them all for several years.
Marty Jeffrey is a self-made multimillionaire businessman-radio personality-publisher in Toronto who became the fastest person to reach our company's Platinum Level (41 days). He joined our company because of its vision, World Peace. he does NOT need the money.

Jeff VanBlaricum was a Les Schwab tire changer with unsuccessful experience in other networking companies when he discovered our company. Now he's Royal Diamond earning six figures a month.

Dennis Williams is a soft-spoken, loving, caring networking genius .... and our company's second and fastest Royal Ambassador who visited us at Grace's home in Incline Village last summer. He was a Ford truck salesman when Ray Reidl pestered him for six months to listen to a Dave Johnson audio tape. He finally did.

Al Keranen was a football coach & veteran of several network marketing companies when he was introduced to our company by his partner, Reid Nelson. Al is probably the finest strategist in the industry & is the designer of the Taproot System, available from Team Tools in audio, video & booklet, as well as the Flexible Communicator, also available in audio & booklet. Together these two leaders have built $500,000/month residual income in our company.

Trish Schwenkler a no-experience housewife turned Nikken Wellness Consultant of the Year & Royal Diamond, Trish presented the first Wellness preview Lou & I ever attended, in Reno, 2/97. She had sponsored Marlene thru talking with her cabdriver brother in Boise, then being very persistent for six months. Marlene sponsored another brother, Greg Belzeski, who sponsored Diane Stein, Reno's only Platinum distributor.

Dave Rolfe A self-made (& unmade) millionaire "JR-type" entrepreneur who migrated from Canada to Los Angeles. He built a large business, then walked away from it for four years, returned & rebuilt it, collected stories from thousands of Wellness Consultants by offering his phone number to help anyone at large meetings & introduced the resulting information in his audio & book "vested Interest at the Team Diamond Invitational 4/00. Great material on properly structuring your business for success

(available thru his own company, Concept Training (818) 348-2436

194 Saddlebow Road, Bell Canyon, CA 91307, FAX: (818) 348-2349,

Marlene Eborn, another personal mentor and friend and the designer of the All It Takes Process we use ... She's a beautiful person and a quality role model ... and the results show it. Her organization is probably the most successful in our company. She's patterned her sorting/information process after the most successful network marketer in the world, Kunio Yoshimira (has earned over two million dollars in one month -- & he didn't even join our company 'til it was over ten years old!).

Marlene Eborn learned that the obvious first goal of "earn the Silver Level" is not the most effective one for initial focus. She and many other ultra-successful leaders teach "sponsor 21 at the Senior Level" ($1,500 -- e.g., Demonstration & Career Packs*). That's a goal that will take you to the Platinum Level (average $16,000 income per month) & will make Silver (avg. $1,400/mo) & Gold ($4,500/mo) happen automatically along the way. Why? Of the 21 you sponsor at the Senior Level, an average of 7 will do nothing, 7 will build the business slowly & your "Magnificent Seven" leaders will build the business NOW. Like it? I do!
Lou & I have met these folks a dozen times & they are what they say they are & they've done what they say they've done. And they've all grown amazingly in the time we've known them. They are beautiful humans.
These are great tapes/brochure to leave with folks who may be getting tired of trading time for money. Then you can call 'em back at the time they committed to listen/read/watch with someone else on the line (generally upline, but anyone you share 3-way calls with can be effective:

B (you) says: "Is this a good time to talk?" (if not, immediately set a time to call back & get off the phone.

B: "Good. I have an associate of mine who has more experience with our company on the line to answer your questions." (then shut up unless your friend or Jim asks you a question -- this lets the new person know that when (s)he starts the business, (s)he won't have to talk, answer questions alone & that you & others will be there to help.

A: A introduces himself with a short product or business story regarding how/why (s)he joined our company, then "What did you like best about the tape?" (90% of the time the person hasn't listened & the purpose of the call is to get a commitment on when they'll listen & answer any questions that appear without asking for questions -- let the A/V answer most of the questions -- again, this shows the new person they won't have to know much to join you in this business).

The follow-up call should be made with a DIFFERENT person on the line during the information process (audio, video, 3-way call, demonstration, event -- e.g., Wellness Preview -- question ("Do you have any more questions?", "What would it take for you to join us in this business?" SHUT UP after this one ... it usually requires some mental processing).

Marlene recommends 3-5 different people on those 3-way calls during the Info Process -- very effective 'cause the new person hears 3-5 different stories, plus yours, plus those at the Wellness Preview & will identify with someone or, if not will at least get the idea "if HE can do this business, I can do it."

"Attitude & Action"
A 4-audio set by Jeff VanBlaricum, the former Les Schwab tire changer with unsuccessful experience in other networking companies. Now he's earned the Royal Diamond & collects six figures a month.

Lou & I watched Jeff on stage in Toronto, August 2000 commit to about 7,000 of us that in order to earn the Royal Ambassador Level, he & his wife will "go Royal Diamond" again by July, 2002 by adding an additional 6 front level Platinum distributors ... (exactly what Lou & plan to do & we've given ourselves 'til 7/4/04 to do that) and they're inviting any of us who are willing to do what it takes to join them on that journey.

They committed to earn the
Silver Level in August! How? Start 30 people into the Information Process ... and he tells exactly what he's doing on this set of four audio tapes now available from TeamTools. We just received ours & they're great. Order 'em & follow 'em if you share Jeff's goals ... & let us know how we can support you!


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