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Folks locked into the Standard American Diet of toxic drugs,
processed & cooked "fude"

Since you’ve been living & experiencing the benefits of the Natural Hygiene life, have you ever been tempted to share the concept with someone you deeply care about, someone who is perhaps suffering from the effects of their SAD lifestyle and the remedies, therapies, drugs, knives, radiation, etc. with which our medical establishment replies to those “symptoms”?

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Have you noticed how quickly your friends leap to embrace the Natural Hygiene life & immediately eliminate their problems & their “need” for those remedies, therapies, drugs, knives, radiation, etc.? I’ve been living NH since 1990 & Instinctive Nutrition since ’94 & have referred dozens of semi-terminal cases to Dr. Goldhamer’s facility, since it’s fairly close to us & have supplied probably 1-200 friends as much information as they want about NH & IN.

Of those dozens, two have called Dr. Goldhamer & none have followed his recommendations. We’ve watched the rest get progressively worse & several have died. Of the 200, a few have slightly increased their intake of fresh produce & reduced their intake of soda pop, sucrose & caffeine & we’ve watch all 200 gradually deteriorate further while bitterly complaining of their ailments while refusing to remove their causes.

If your results of helping your friends have been a lot better than this dismal record, please let us know how you did it. If you’d still like to improve those results, I’d like you to consider helpingme with a possible highly effective interim step for our SAD friends.

Several years ago in our work with the NH M2M, I, with help from the rest of the Merrie M2M band, developed this definition of Optimum Health: “That maximum degree of total well-being that we can each achieve, given the fixed elements beyond our power to change.” These factors beyond control being our genetics, the parts of our environment over which we have no control, etc.. NH lists the things we do control as the requisites of health: clean air, pure water, food of our biological adaptation, rest, sleep, exercise, productive work, sunshine, meaningful relationships, etc.

You probably know that Lou & I have been working as Wellness Consultants with the world’s largest wellness research & development organization since ’97 (Warren & Kendall certainly know! ;-) Nikken has greatly expanded the control we have over our personal environments by shifting “optimum magnetic & far-infrared energy” from the list we can’t control to the requisites of our health that we can control & by creating Living Water.

Recently, two top Wellness Consultants with Nikken developed a highly effective system designed to help our friends make a giant step toward health. They call it “LifeStyle, Energy & Weight Management”. The results so far are that people are increasing their energy drastically, decreasing their weight & dropping inches if they’re far, toning their entire bodies if they’re not fat, dropping cholesterol & triglyceride numbers, improving low back & other discomforts, eliminating all manner of symptoms & most importantly, they’re actually staying with the program & continuing to benefit … and they’re sharing the results with their friends … and their friends are actually accepting their recommendations & starting & staying with the program as well! Quite a refreshing change from my 13 years of suboptimal results in trying to help people directly into NH & Instincto!!

Why do they chose to stay with the program?

1--It was created by Char Rogers & Ruth Williams, top leaders with Shaklee, also a fine nutritional company, for 15-20 years prior to joining Nikken & rising to the top levels with us

2--It combines three essential technologies that no other organization can offer:

A--CardioStrides, the ergonomically designed exercise shoes that enable bodies to realign ankles, knees, hips, vertebral column, neck, TMJ while also increasing the basal metabolic rate about 25% without any change in exercise or life routine!

B--Optimized PiMag Living Water that is super-oxygenated, molecularly designed in hexagonal clusters & energetically charged to be actively drawn into living cells, allowing them all to do their jobs better, including the liver cells that convert fat to energy, those of the immune system that protect living cells from harm & those of the systems that rid the body of stored toxins.

C--The finest Bio-Directed Nutriceuticals on the planet that provide the body with it's nutritional needs

3--The food part is based on Dr. Barry Sears "Zone", mostly fruit/vegie-based concept that allows bodies to function optimally & stay with the program because hunger is satisfied full-time so people are comfortable, have no urge to binge, no feelings of deprivation or starvation.

4--The program is backed by an extremely effective free daily support and accountability system that works.

5--The program is supported by the most successful leaders In Nikken and by the integrity and 28-year stability of the world's foremost Wellness research & development organization ... Nikken itself!

6--The baby boomers, who've driven every exploding industry since they were born in 1946, are sick & tired of being sick and tired & of their present alternatives of drugs, surgery, or living in poor health. They are ready for solutions and you have those solutions!

7--For those interested, Nikken pays very generously for effective referral of friends to the program, making it quite simple to earn an extra $3,000/month within three months ... or three weeks ... and to create complete financial & time freedom within 2-5 years.

8--People enjoy seeing the positive result in themselves & their friends, enjoy seeing those friends stick with the program long enough to get those benefits.

9--They enjoy helping Nikken achieve its goals of Global Peace thru Global Wellness, one person at a time, based on a Balanced life founded on the Five Pillars of Health (healthy mind, body, finances, family & society).

Certainly this concept is nowhere close to NH nor IN, but it’s so gratifying to see friends moving our way, decreasing their junk food intake, increasing their real food intake, exercising & drinking real water rather than chemical soups. It’s a powerful first step toward their health & Lou & I have decided to drop our elitist “NH way or the hiway” attitude & help people with this very effective first step.

I finally decided it is much more beneficial to my friends if I drop my need to be "right" & allow myself to become more effective at helping those I care about.

III. LifeStyles for Natural Hygienists/Instinctos

It took me awhile to make this decision, but, in order to be credible in referring ours to help our SAD friends get into this program, I decided to participate in the program, so Lou & I started the day I broke my fast & I'm using the program to re-build post-fast ... with extensive modifications in their point system to fit my needs.

The program gives up to ten points per day for following the recommendations & they’re great for our non-NH SAD friends. For us, below are the ten areas where points are given & my attempt to substitute NH items for the objectionable ones. I’d like your help in making them more effective. Then, if you’d like to join us in starting the program yourself so that you can effectively recommend it to your NH & non-NH friends, give us a call at (530) 583-4110 or email to bobalou@wynman.com.

WARNING: Nikken will pay you well for your effective efforts to help your friends. This seems to be a turn-off to most poverty-minded NH Folk & if your NH friends have that reaction, just ask them how effective they’ve been over the years helping their friends improve their help without getting paid. Also they might consider how many people they could help with the aid of 100 others partnering with them to do the same … or perhaps thousands in their personal Nikken organizations rather than just themselves trying to help one person at a time[i]. THAT has been Nikken’s plan since 1975 & the method they’ve chosen to achieve Global Peace thru Global Wellness, one person at a time, based on a Balanced life founded on the Five Pillars of Health (healthy mind, body, finances, family & society).

Willing to help?

& here are the modifications I've made for me as Natural Hygiene/Instincto (PLEASE HELP MAKE 'EM BETTER!):

1--Adequate water so that urine is nearly colorless

2--CardioStride 30 min walk or equivalent aerobic activity

3—Total Gym Program completed

4—Only tested food when REAL hunger & GI symptom-free

5—Tested adequate variety of food types – & Coral Ca & Celtic Salt*

6—Swallowed ONLY if that mouthful is still delicious

7—QUIT eating every food at first sign of stop

8—Awoke rested, refreshed before dawn (went to sleep early enough)

9—Total body sun & at least an hour outdoors

10—Forgiveness process complete, only PMA at end of day

If you do care enough to invest this time & effort in helping your SAD friends (&/or your poverty-minded NH friends!), please email your suggestions for those ten points & call 1-800-756-3819 code 4109 01 for an introduction & 1-800-756-3819 code 4109 02 for details on how to begin & benefits of others. You can also check out details by clicking the various “LifeStyles” sections at http://www.wynman.com.

Exciting times!

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