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Our company's New Wellness Preview video Cat #9134,

Simply the best of all the excellent Wellness Preview videos available because:

1--It's produced by
our company & demonstrates their attention to detail, quality, excellence, consistency & their philosophy of World Health based on a rock-solid philosophy of the Five Pillars of Health.

2--It's introduced briefly by Tom Watanabe, leader of our company's International organization.

3--It features our company's World Headquarters and products.

4--It artfully dances between the best parts of the best, most credible leaders' Wellness Previews, featuring Ed Wiens, Dennis & Ruth Williams, Mike DiMuccio, Dave Johnson, Trish Schwenkler, Kathleen Deoul, as well as Larry Profitt himself.

The video's only weakness is that it's a full Wellness Preview in length, but if someone's making a life-changing decision (& they are when considering this business, these products, we deserve to make an informed decision).


" Magnetic & Far-Infrared Technology Workshop", Cat #9152 (9162 for 5-pack).

Our compan's latest product video, it simply demolishes any product's claims of being competitive.

One leaves the video show with the definite realization that Dr. Scholl's, Amway, BioFlex, etc. compete no more with our company than Kia competes with Lexus or Wal-Mart with Nordstrom. It's a matter of quality, & vision that's simply not present with any wellness company but our company!

The video sticks to the science & quality of magnetic & far-infrared products. Add to that the Bio-Directed Neutri-ceuticals & the breakthru PiMag technology & the products are simply unbeatable .... and these are products for HEALTH. Most people realize that health is not the place to search for the low bidder, as results of HMO, PPO & similar low-bidder attempts continue to demonstrate.

Add to all that, the fact that no other organization I know of combines all that with the finest business opportunity in the world all based on a philosophy of World Health, Humans Being More, with the foundation of the Five Pillars of Health.

Providing this blockbuster video to anyone interested in quality of life would convey the truth that our company is the world's top health & wellness company AND that they do a superlative job of supporting their Wellness Consultant team (which someone watching might very much like to join!).

We're definitely at the right place at the right time!


PiMag Technology Workshop, cat # 9150EN

Our latest & likely greatest technology for World Health, one person at a time. It demonstrates the technology inside & out & covers the most frequent questions so you don't have to. Excellent product video.


"The Romance and Science of Living Water" Blue Ribbon Video

It's accurately titled. It teaches the science of water effectively and it has a low-key very powerful emotional impact, featuring Stephen B. Stephens "the voice" as narrator, Jim "Dr. Water" Burns, Lee Neal, pharmacist, Vivian Drake, Drake Engineering.

It explains surface tension, solubility & how CHRONIC DEHYDRATION causes cholesterol problems, allergy symptoms, histamine problems, digestive problems, back problems, tiredness, low energy, attention disorders (doesn't mention addictions, including sucrose addiction, cardiovascular problems, dental disease, obesity, cancer or hangnails, but since water is vital to every physiologic process of life, they couldn't mention everything).

The video shows how Living Energy Water was developed, demonstrates how it's different from tap water. It appeals to both analytical & intuitive folks. It's a masterpiece & is probably better to loan or watch-with rather than as a giveaway tape, since it costs $13 or $9 ea in a pack of three. You and the people you care about deserve to have the info on this video tape #269 BRV.

(800) 533-2885, www.blueribbonvideo.com.


"Why Not You?"

Marty Jeffrey's, NetTools, (800) 667-0198--our company's finest & most entertaining speaker--effectively makes the case that our company is the best opportunity ever & the time is NOW.


"Best of the Doctors' Panel" #314-3 at TeamTools, (800) 667-0198

Very credible & sincere group of real health professionals (we know most all of 'em) demonstrating why they joined us & how they're now helping more people more effectively than they ever did practicing their specialties.


Check back often because...MORE IS COMING SOON!


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