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NOTE--When referring folks to this site, "WYNMAN" has six letters, including that "n" in the middle. Aside from my wife, Lou, I don't know of any other Wynman's in this country. When great grand-dad came to the U.S. from Amsterdam, no one could pronounce Wijnman, so he quit dotting the "ij" & it became a "y". I'm told that it means that some fortunately forgotten ancestor was either a wine-maker or a drunk or both.

And as long as we're discussing letters, "DDS" (Doctor of Dental Surgery) just means I did what it took to graduate from dental school, including learning a lot of things that are not true. That four-year dental school experience took me from 1963 'til 1972 to accomplish, including my first three-year leave of absence to meet Lou & grow in other areas of life.

The "FAGD" in Wynman, DDS, FAGD, does not signify "homosexual doctor" not does it have anything to do with a cigarette-smoking British doctor, it just means I've spent an inordinate amount of time studying dentistry since graduation in '72 & have earned Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry. That one took a bit of work & I'm proud of those letters.

"MENTAL DIRECTIONS"? Our company allows us to grow in all Five Pillars of Health (Body, Mind, Finances, Family, Society) and we know lots of people who joined our company mainly to improve in each of those areas. We know a few rather physically fit self-made millionaires who joined our company in order to learn to "give back", to contribute to HEALTHY SOCIETY, like Marty Jeffrey & Bruce Black. Most NikFolk probably joined due to miraculous improvements in their physical health, HEALTHY BODY, resulting from the energy of the products, like Trish Schwenkler & Kathleen Deoul. Many joined for the money, HEALTHY FINANCES, like Reid Nelson & Dave Rolfe. We know a few people who joined primarily to improve their personal relationships, HEALTHY FAMILY, after learning about Silver Training & our company's global vision & integrity; the family & relationship growth we've seen in people who join our company usually comes as a result of growth in the other four Pillars.

Once I began to grasp our company's "big picture", I became active in the organization primarily for the HEALTHY MIND part. One of the goals I'd had since the 70's that I'd made very little progress toward attaining, despite considerable investment of time, effort & money, was learning to use my subconscious mind more effectively & particularly learning to retrieve on demand the information I've spent half a century putting into that mind. When I became aware that our company is attracting some of the greatest minds on the planet, like Bob Proctor, Marty Jeffrey, Mark Victor Hansen, Steven Covey, Zig Ziglar, Vincent Ardizzone, Michio Kushi, Paul Zane Pilzer, I wanted to be a part of that picture & to communicate with those people. That sort of networking will be required to achieve my rather far-out goals noted below anyhow.

Lou & I have followed Bob Proctor's activities since his days with Nightingale-Conant & since meeting him in Kansas City in '98, he's taught me more about the use of the conscious & subconscious mind than anyone in the previous 50 years. He's become my "main mentor" & I recommend his Personal Mentoring Program to anyone seeking personal growth (click here for details).

"DENTAL DIRECTIONS" was the name created by Pat Lee for the newsletter we sent to our client / patients since 1980 & when we needed a company name for publishing articles on health, philosophy, politics & for handling the business end of devices like the Crown Gripper , we selected the name "MENTAL DIRECTIONS" & we operate our business under that name because of the HEALTHY MIND connection.

And while on the subject of names, you might notice in the Natural Hygiene section of this website, some folks call me Bo7b. Why? Since my folks showed zero creativity in naming me & there were always so many other Bob's in school, I adopted the "silent 7" in hi school. I prefer it to the traditional double "o" spelling many are tempted to use for me. ;-) That "7" was carefully selected, 'tho I've forgotten most of the reasons by now. Since '72, in 'multi-Bob' groups, someone usually appoints me 'Dr. Bob'. "Doctor" means "teacher" & I feel much more like a student in our new Adventure, so 'Bo7b's fine & yes, it IS a silent 7.

Visionary or just Delusionary?

MY PURPOSE IN LIFE is to facilitate the perpetuation of humanity.

(I want to know that I've made a significant contribution to the perpetuation of the most noble and interesting experiment in the universe ... humanity. e.g.. Facilitating rejuvenation, migration would be significant.)

MY MISSION--I have chosen to work with our company as my vehicle to develop myself in all six Pillars of Health, into the person capable of accomplishing that purpose and to attract the resources (minds, money, technology, etc.) needed to:

A--Restore a human-friendly environment on earth

B--Develop planet-friendly humans on earth

--Implement the technology to rejuvenate & migrate

Long-term Goal --Rejuvenate & migrate to an earth-like planet, help establish a new start for humanity there, using the knowledge humans have gained in our time on this planet to do it better than we've done it on this planet, creating Andrew J. Galambos' "Natural Republic"

(Hey, we warned you this was far-out stuff!)

Intermediate Goals

PURPOSE: Create (or locate & improve) a foundation or organization to create & integrate the finances, intelligence & action to accomplish the goals of rejuvenation & migration in my lifetime.

1--Contribute to Masuda's vision:

A--restore earth as a human-friendly planet

B--restore humanity as an earth-friendly species

This will buy us time to:

2--Facilitate the creation & use of the technology to:

A--discover & migrate to earth-like planets

B--rejuvenate humans -- by 2050.


Are humans ready for my purpose and mission? Probably not ... but we must be ready shortly. This earth will survive for millions more years & we must make it a healthful place for humans much longer.

HISTORY--How'd I decide on that goal? It evolved (& still is) since the 50's when I decided, like most forward-thinking people, that my life should somehow contribute to making this a better place for humans than it is now & I should be part of the solution to problems like hunger, poverty, homelessness, crime etc. rather than part of the problems & of course concluded, like most forward-thinkers, that the solution is provide food to the hungry, money to the poor, homes to the homeless, (victims to the criminals?). By the 60's, when my peers reached the same conclusion & began DOING those things, I'd advanced -- or regressed? -- to conclude that those things only increase & perpetuate the problems & that the real cause of ALL those problems was overpopulation of humans & the solution I developed in 1959 was "voluntary sterilization for any human accepting medical care" (pretty decent solution from a high school kid!) & I've still not figured how to implement that solution.

I also realized in the 60's with the help of Ayn Rand & many others, that the individual is more important than "society" (still a misunderstood, unpopular & politically-incorrect concept!). By the 80's, reading most of Robert Heinlein's books, I realized that humanity is more important than this rather insignificant little planet we're presently inhabiting & decided that the real solution to enabling this noble experiment (humanity) to continue indefinitely, is to discover the other earth-like planets, discover the technology to migrate to them, overcoming such minor problems as the fact that the technology probably does not exist, the belief that both technologies are impossible & theories such as mass becomes infinite beyond the speed of light, locating or creating food sources or modifying the human genetic material to mimic a few million years of adaptation to earth's foods, etc., etc., & to concurrently develop the technology to rejuvenate humans (especially the one most in need of this service, me).

OBJECTION: "But we humans are so close to extinction caused by ruining Earth as a life-friendly environment, shouldn't we concentrate on restoring & saving THIS planet before we go look for others to ruin?"


1--There are six billion or so humans on the planet. About five billion need to leave, die, or at least not reproduce themselves. Meanwhile the vast majority need to focus on restoring & maintaining Earth as a life-friendly environment. And they are. There are foundations to save the earth, the whales, the rainforests, the spotted owl & the snail-darter. I encourage and support those people. A small minority should focus on learning how to maintain Earth during & after its restoration. A microscopic minority ought to be discovering the technology for rejuvenation & to locate earth-friendly planets, migrate to them.

I'm confident that enough brilliant people will focus on the restoration & maintenance & I'm not needed in there; the rejuvenation / migration possibilities passionately excite me, so I'm focusing on that department. Let's work together to help the experiment succeed. Anyway, I've always identified with the minority, especially the ultimate minority, the individual. CLICK FOR DETAILS ON INDIVIDUALISM.

2--Earth is our only home & I love it but it's insignificant compared to the human experiment; there are probably a near-infinite number of similar planets & perhaps only one human experiment.

OBJECTION: "What if we learn there's a greater experiment, a superior species?"


1--We evaluate that knowledge at the time.

2--Perhaps humans perish. Perhaps the superior species perish.

3--Perhaps humans co-exist with the superior species, as ants co-exist with us.

4--Perhaps we join with that species, learn from them, work together toward common goals.

OBJECTION: "What if this planet is the only one humans cans survive on because it's the only one we're genetically adapted to?"

ANSWERS: I have no answer ... or the ultimate answer, depending on your perspective, for that one. That question bothers me even more since my training in Instinctive Living & it may be true. If it is, then migration is out, rejuvenation is counter-productive & we'll rely on some form of "retro-active birth control", like sterilization via auto-intoxication (may already be occurring -- I read that one third of the couples of child-bearing age in Canada who want to have children are not able to make babies .. have you heard if that's true?) Perhaps my vision is just wishful thinking; I just don't choose to believe that this is the only human-friendly planet. If it's true that there are an infinite number of planets, then by definition there are an infinite number with humans already living on them & an infinite number with a person just like you & just like me. It's in that sort of universe I believe we're living. Pretty far-out concept, eh?

Intermediate Goal--Help an additional 14 leaders achieve the Platinum Level; one in each of our Magnificent Seven's groups and one each in THAT Platinum Leader's group (complete the Taproot structure) -- by July 4, 2007.

Short-term Goa
l--Help seven of our leaders earn our company's Platinum Level and gain the health, balance and strength of mind, body, relationships and finances to facilitate the achievement of our long-term goals --by July 4, 2005. (= Royal Diamond Level in our company by 7/1/05.) FOR DETAILS ON THE STUFF, CLICK HERE.

PURPOSE--Create the tools to achieve & maintain Optimum Health & to facilitate achievement of intermediate & long-term goals:

1--develop the people-skills in the areas of listening, communication, teaching, transferring vision, inspiration, etc.

2--become a role model for health (combining our company with NH & Instinctive Living so that I not only BE but LOOK healthy!)

3--demonstrate to myself & others the power of the effective use of subconscious & conscious mind/body to attain goals "normally" beyond our reach

4--learn the behaviors and systems that create effective, productive interactions

5--develop contacts with minds that grasp my goal and can contribute technology, creative thinking & finances

6--contribute to financing the long term goals

Ultra-short-term Goal--Help our Magnificent Seven frontline leaders earn the Silver Leadership Level -- by January 31, 2001.

Immediate Action Steps--Use Mark Sammis' Winners' Pace Program to find and create twelve additional Business Builders -- by 12/31/00.

WHY our company?--I have some rather visionary goals I'm committed to helping humanity achieve (like survival, rejuvenation & migration, for three, that I'll need some extra-ordinary resources to accomplish. Our company is the vehicle to acquire those personal skills. Part of our growth process requires that Lou & I help 21 people achieve whatever goals in those Five Pillars of Life (health of body, mind, finances, family & society) they want, including the Financial Health, minimally helping them earn reproductive residual income of at least $10,000/month, seven people by July 4, 2002 & the other 14 by July 4, 2004. If you'd like to learn more about the possibility of becoming one of those 21 partners, please CLICK <http://www.wynman.com/links4.html> , contact us at (530) 583-4110 or email to bobalou@wynman.com & let's determine if this adventure is something that would fit with you & us as a team. Exciting times!

I've not yet discovered if our company's leaders share or even comprehend those migration & rejuvenation goals. They may (the fact that they have a 200-year business plan leads me to believe they have some plans for humans surviving awhile) & if so, our company may be the vehicle to facilitate the technology! I believe they do understand that they, along with a relatively new organization, Team Diamond, are creating The New Economy that will replace our archaic, obsolete, collapsing, forced, government-suppressed economy. The New Economy (probably will be known as "network economy" soon) is based on the concept of abundance, unlimited wealth, infinite, constantly changing universe, win-win synergy rather than the current fixed wealth, static universe, win-lose (really lose-lose) adversary economy. "Accumulating wealth thru competition builds stress; building wealth thru creation & cooperation eliminates stress."--Roger Boger, DDS -- CLICK HERE FOR POLITICALLY UNPOPULAR PHILOSOPHICAL, ECONOMIC & POLITICAL OPINIONS .


1--The skills, attitudes & Belief System required to succeed in life & in achieving our intermediate & long-term goals are the same skills, attitudes & BS required for success in our company, since our company is founded on the same Five Pillars of Health that are required for success in life & our company walks the talk. Lou & I will achieve the Royal Diamond level as a learning exercise in the success kills for life!

2--We now have the opportunity to attend
Company University (Team Diamond Events & audio training, Proctor, Kalench, etc. video teleconferencing, etc.)

3--Achieving those long & intermediate goals will require time, money & connections with future-focused thinkers. Our practice of dentistry will provide none of those. Our time & efforts with our company will provide them all.

Why not dentistry?--Won't provide many of the tools that our company will. As of 6/99, it's taking over half my working time & the money it provides is an illusion of security. That income stops the moment I stop trading my life for it. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS ON OUR DENTAL STORY, ETC.

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