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NikNews--? this stuff is EXPLODING--Anyone see the report on biomagnetics in May on Good Morning, America? Then a longer one on Dateline? & In Reader's Digest & Psychology Today in April? Even in the April issue of American Dental Hygienists Ass'n Journal" + plus myriad jock journals 'cause the sports community's waking up to the health advantages of biomagnetics big time. My feeling is that the biomagnetics may be minor compared to the far infra-red technology our company's bringing to us. In Japan, the magnetic technology's old hat; they've been using it for decades. Far-infra-red (FIR) they use in saunas, paint for rooms, clothing, sleeping bags, pet pads, etc., etc.. Not only reflects the far end of the infra-red spectrum back to bodies, but lowers the acid level in living & non-living things! Cut a lemon in half, slice both halves set each half on a plate, leave 1/2 under a towel, the other under a FIR quilt or sports wrap & taste 'em in 1/2 hour; the lemon under the FIR tastes sweeter, has lost its acid bite! Even US Scientists recognize that "pathogenic" parasites, bacteria, viri & cancer cells thrive in a high acid, low oxygen environment & perish in a low acid, hi oxy place. Interesting!

& if any of y'all could use more free time or money, the most respected, knowledgeable international expert in network marketing, the author of the world's most authoritative books on the subject actually joined a network marketing company? What would that say to you about the company he chose? John Kalench, author of "Being the Best You Can Be in MLM", etc. just became a Nikken Wellness Consultant. He's placed a full page notice in the Saturday, 5/23 USA today 'splaining why. Conclusion: for several decades, his purpose in his "Millionaires in Motion" (his personal goal has been to have a million friends, "Millionaires" in his context, does not refer to money, 'tho he's helped hundreds of thousands of folks create a lot of the stuff) business has been to transform the Network Marketing biz into the most respected form of free market enterprise, which it now is, much due to John's efforts. He never really thought he'd ever find a company that meets ALL his guidelines for integrity, stability, vision, & amazing products. our company surpassed his requirements in every department! Exciting times, timing's right, John sez the North American market will experience hyper-growth in the next 2-7 years, precisely the time it would take you to build an organization of the sort of folks you'd like to work with to achieve your goals in each of the Five Pillars of Health (Mind, Body, Finances, Family/Relationships, Society). (530) 583-4110, FAX (530) 581-3755 if you want more info! Am I recruiting? Naah, sharing info on Total Health, which is the reason I (& thou?) adopted NH & subscribed to this rag, yes?

[Obviously, you are still very attached to money & material comforts]--Yup, financial health is one of the five big ones & I ain't dead yet. :-) Yes I & you & millions of others are all fortunate compared to millions of others; we live in the most free (in some ways) place on the planet & have considerable opportunities remaining to do, be, have whatever we want .... & we gotta keep it that way!

[There's no need to make money the top priority]--Since it's hard to have healthy body, mind, society or relationships in our civilization without enough money to provide what it takes to have those things, I gotta place Financial Health on a par with the other Four Pillars. Methinkst balance is key. Join our company (530) 583-4110!

[I'm not excited]--Wanna be? Join us in our company or just take yer bride to Silver Training & DON'T join us (Lou just returned yesterday, 5/23 from her fourth training, once you pay, you can become a Wellness Consultant & return as many times as you like at no charge & Lou likes -- she's only dragged me to two of 'em so far & the experience has done more for our relationship than any other single experience we've done in 30 years of marriage. Impressive technology!), you probly know the number to call by now! :-)

[Snoring & Pillow-talk]--[Generally, people snore when they sleep with covers over them. Stop sleeping with covers over you and you will not snore]--In 30 years of dealing with folks' questions about snoring & of recommending postural changes, various mandibular repositioning devices, surgical correction, etc., I've never even heard that removing covers while sleeping helps. Please clarify the mechanism. It became even more confusing to me when you wrote [ ... if you're too cold, wear enough sleeping garments]. So what's the difference between covers & sleeping garments? The only one I can figure is that the garments fit tighter than the covers & if one moves a lot, there'd more friction against the skin with covers than garments ... so?? Please 'splain.

Lately, we've seen some rather consistent improvements in snoring by using the magical pillow our company manufactures with three magic bullets:

1--It's firm enough to support the head/neck in the position those clever orientals believe is most healthful in relation to the spine

2--It's made of a patented "Rubberthane" (joint-venture with our company & Toyo Rubber) that's a closed cell porous matrix that wicks moisture away so one sleeps dry

3--Features three 3" diameter ceramic tiles at it's core designed to absorb heat so the body sleeps with its head half a degree or so cooler than the body, Oriental idea of most healthful sleep

4--those ever-present magnets. There are no medical claims made for this pillow, just "Experience it & lemme know". It's difficult for Americans to learn to use this pillow (took me about 3 minutes, Lou over a year & when folks do learn to use it, they won't part with it. Do not believe any of this; while it's true, I'm now selling these things, so I'm not credible in this area. ;-)

I have had lots of reports from folks I respect that the snoring stopped when our company's firm "brick" pillow is used--costs about $100, combines far-infra-red absorbing/reflecting ceramics, Rubberthane to wick moisture away from the body, biomagnetics & ideal contour & support to keep neck in line with body--can order from Lou at (530) 583-4110 (but she's my wife & I'm biased, having experienced the changes that pillow (& the sleep system) has had on HER life & lots of other lives -- amazing stuff!) ... and I've heard of people who can even snore on the pillow!

[Insomnia]--our company makes no medical claims for its sleep systems & we've sure seen lots of folks drastically increase their quality of sleep using the enhanced biomagnetics combined with the far-infra-red technology. Exciting stuff! Lou & I will be in Seattle last week in July for our company training & plan to stay awhile after, perhaps biking the San Juan Islands & visiting the Clauds on Salt Springs Island? Do you know Barbara & Dr. Phil Weinstein from U of W--good friends who operate dental phobia clinic affiliated with UW (I note your UW e-mail address) -- good people!

--You asked what I recommend & what are prices. I don't recommend any of their products for anyone. I've been wearing the MagSteps (magnetic insoles) in my Birkies for over a year, we have KenkoSeats (magnetic pads) on our auto seats, we sleep on a magnetic pad beneath a far-infra-red comforter, use MagBoys (magnetic massage balls) for deep muscle aches & an occasional PromoPad (magnetic pads) & a far-infra red wrap. We switched our home & office phone service to KenkoCom & Lou sez it's saving us considerable on phone bills, we use our company's shower filter to eliminate the chlorine& Lou uses their top-of-the-line skin care & nutritional stuff. Cost? our company's a class act; they've kept their prices in line with their top quality for nearly a quarter century (they reportedly spend more on research & development than the combined incomes of their 30+ competitors in Japan!, but then what are health benefits worth to us? The usual reaction of folks who've experienced the benefits when asked what they'd be willing to pay is "Whatever it costs". The positive changes in the lives of folks we love resulting from their use of this stuff is rewarding to Lou & me. Perhaps NH folks have their lives so well balanced that they have no need for work in any of the Five Pillars of Health .... perhaps. I'm told by people I trust & respect that our company spends more on R&D than that top 30 competitors worldwide earn in total income. They have a huge commitment to developing & researching the highest quality health products & they now have a selection of european top-line skin care & nutritional stuff that are probly less harmful to our non-NH friends than the stuff they're presently ingesting & smearing on their epidermises.

After studying Natural Hygiene since '80 & our company since 1/97, I've concluded that both are excellent (& indispensable, for me) tools for achieving & maintaining whatever goals we have in this life, especially Optimum Health & they're complementary & synergistic, each having strengths in different areas of total well-being.

[Any products that protect against computer EMF's?]--Dunno, I'm told that sitting on a magnetic pad offers some protection via the protective "magnetic cocoon" effect, but I sorta doubt it. The magnetic insoles I wear supposedly help the body to become more balanced, centered & help all systems work better, etc. No medical benefits are claimed.

[Too bad you told us almost nothing about our company & what they're selling]--Didn't wanna ramble. See my offer in my contribution to Bob. I'll send you a product-details audio free if you like. Yes, our company's vision of World Health IS BS "Belief System" & they've proven they're following that belief system since 1975.

[You admitted that you & Lou haven't earned any money from MLM's but assured us all that we'd be making big bucks]--True, we've still invested more $ than we've earned & that will soon change and yes, folks who don't have my handicaps (eg, too much formal mis-education, imbalanced life, etc.) can & do succeed much more quickly than Lou & I. Our company is not a get-rich-quick scheme, 'tho many people we know have replaced their former incomes within 6-18 months, sometimes CEO-level incomes, they go considerably beyond that start! Lou & I are just on the slow track & I don't mind. It's very rewarding in lots of other ways & we're in no rush. :-)

[I slept poorly if my head was pointed south]--interesting, how 'bout a poll, I'll start: my bed points my head to the west & I sleep extremely soundly, 'tho not enough 'cause I choose to do stuff like this when I should be sleeping.

[Why not just buy magnets & attach 'em to our existing beds]--Can do. They can be purchased from industrial magnet manufacturers. Dunno how effective they'd be; I prefer to trust the rather detailed research already provided at cost of millions of dollars by the company producing the highest quality sleep systems.

For Natural Hygienists & other Health Seekers who've asked me our company-related questions, here are some details:

[MLM is flawed--there will come a time when the market is saturated & those who buy distributorships will be screwed financially]--Nope! 1--our company's distributorship costs $50 & that's recovered on the first $200 of our company products the new Wellness Consultant buys for himself or others (25% wholesale savings), then anything retailed after that is profit. Profit is different than being screwed financially. 2--If our company never introduced a new product, their market for existing ones will NEVER be "saturated". Guess which year the most refrigerators were sold? 1997! Isn't THAT a saturated market? Doesn't everyone already have a refrigerator? Same for TV's, toasters, etc. 3--The health products industry will be explosively growing for decades. 4--our company spends so much on R&D that they'll be introducing new technology for the next few centuries, out-engineering their competition as it develops, just as the other Japanese #1-in-the-world giants do.

MLM is the most evolved & effective form of Free Enterprise; the most efficient way to get stuff from manufacturer to user, which is why Sprint, MCI, Coca Cola & dozens of Fortune 500 companies are turning to Network Marketing. We'll all be buying from MLM companies in the next decades, simply a matter of choosing to build an organization as part of the new structure, or simply support it as a retail customer. No decision is also a decision!

[Sensible marketing strategies require EXCLUSIVE distributorships limited in geographic area]--No way. That's a government plan. Our company offers us all UNLIMITED growth & they're the fastest-growing (now second to Amway in annual sales, yet few have even heard of our company in this country!).

[Network marketing is polluted because it emphasizes work, which in general is one-sided & unpleasant]--Yes, unfortunately true for most people. Getting paid well for productive activity one enjoys is not most folks' definition of "work", yet it's true for some of us, particularly if the network is created with only pleasant people with whom one enjoys "working". Helping people we like is not unpleasant "work" & that's the sort of activity involved in the adventure. If everyone does NOT benefit, transactions don't happen; mighty pleasant! :-)

[Any good remedies for snoring?]--Sometimes we make oral appliances that help, sleeping on stomach usually stops it, since it's usually due to the soft tissues in the back of the throat falling against the front of the throat. Many folks quit doing it when they experience the quality sleep in an enhanced magnetic field! Lots of reports of that one happening, but no medical claims! :-)

[outaprint books]
--Lincoln Out of Print Book Search, (800) 292-8069 & Thomas J. Moore's "Lifespans, New Perspectives on Extending Human Life"; they're not in ye olde data bank. The factors you listed as requisites for a long life in our modern culture (being female, not smoking, work, exercise, be married, have money & education, life in a free enterprise system, etc.) seem to tie into what our company calls the Five Pillars of Health (mind, body, family, finances, society). Interesting that Japan ranks #1 in longevity & health in this study.QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Know how the folks in the two runners-up countries (Switzerland & Austria) in the areas of financial, relationship & society health? I suspect they have their lives in better balance than we in the US do. Perhaps they know something! QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Anyone know how the folk #2 & #3 countries stack up in the areas of those 5 Pillars?

Muscle Cramps--Since this has been a frequently-mentioned topic & since it's now 1 AM & I awoke with foot/leg cramps which resisted my application of BZ's "close eyes & meditate on the pain 'til it disappears" technique (about two minutes!), I here present my pain-induced integration of the cause in this particular case: DEHYDRATION, I awoke thirsty as well as in pain & the last food prior to beddy-bye time was a fairly large quantity of fairly low water-content stuff (buckwheat sprouts, followed by peanuts -- both uncooked, of course, both "sprouted" two days in the moist environment of SproutMaster trays).QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Have you noted this (now obvious to me) connection?

SYMPTOMATIC RELIEF: I've always simply stretched the muscle involved 'til the cramp vanishes. The one time this did not work (probably a muscle I couldn't figure out how to stretch), Lou handed me the MagBoys from her purse & massaging the area disappeared the cramp in 90 seconds & it never returned (MagBoys are the pair of our magnetic massage balls that throw a magnetic field we've measured three feet away!)

Magnetic Fast!--When I first learned about biomagnetics around 1/97, I wondered how much more effective would be a fast in an enhanced magnetic field, perhaps a magnetic field of 7 gauss, as the earth supposedly provided about 8,000 years ago. Drs. Philpott & Bonlie, both told me they had no knowledge of anyone having reported on such a thing & neither seemed familiar with the concept of fasting to allow the body to function better anyway.

[Money makes people more of whatever they were without it]--Of course!

[People would bomb their own downline, anything for a profit]--Wow, gotta believe folks are basically rotten, eh? Remnants of religious "education"? Rough way to exist on a planet over-run by other humans! ;-)

Use of the Mind--Since before birth I've been inputting stuff into my mind in massive quantities (some of the info may even be true). Since the late 70's, after becoming aware that most of that info seems inaccessible to me when I need it, I've been learning how the conscious, subconscious, superconscious, unconscious, etc. mind works thru Maltz' Psycocybernetics, concepts of Napoleon Hill, Silva, Edith Packer, Nathaniel Branden, Ayn Rand, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, numerous metaphysical, epistemological & spiritual gurus, etc., etc.. June 17 in Kansas City, Lou & I met Bob Proctor, author of the book I mentioned on Pg 1 & a fellow traveler who's been FORMALLY studying all these same concepts for nearly 40 years! He seems to have it figured out; he's helped people rid themselves of diseases & life-messing situations they'd suffered with for decades. The last few years, working thru Nightingale/Conant & others, focused on helping folks achieve their goals, especially financial goals. He earns about $10,000 per hour consulting for CEO's of the world's top companies. We got to meet him 'cause he was keynote speaker for our company (his wife, Linda, joined our company, achieved the top rank in record time & now Bob's quite active in helping our company change the world!)

This morning, August 14, after I've been listening to a tape series by Bob Proctor called Goal Achieving over & over for about a month & beginning to apply many of his concepts, I realized that the audio tape seminar is a condensation/summary/compilation of Bob's years of study & successful application of the principles of how our mind works AND an excellent, practical, non-technical plan for USING the concepts as I'm learning them & at the same time, achieving any goal I choose as an exercise in use of the concepts. Since we met Proctor at our company's Team Diamond Training & since he recommends practicing with the goal of "Royal Diamond Nikken Business Owner" & since he says that's an easy goal to achieve using his concepts (he did watch -- & help -- his wife achieve that one) & since it's one my wife, Lou is interested in achieving also, I've decided to use that RD goal to "earn while I learn" the "Owner's Manual for the Mind"! Any of y'all not familiar with the magnificent adventure, are invited to contact me or Lou for whatever info you'd like & it would sure be fun for you to become our partners in this experience; we'd be glad to take you on this journey with us! We're at (530) 583-4110 FAX: (530) 581-3755 & if you'd just like to buy Proctor's Goal Achieving audio tapes, he's at LifeSuccess Publishing, 4200 Pennsylvania, Suite 280, Kansas City, MI 64111, (800) 470-0702.

QUOTE--"It's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission."--This one from our company's top earner in North America, the easy-going, loving, caring, empathetic & ambitious Dave Johnson of Pasco, Washington on the occasion of someone asking him if he consulted his wife, Valerie, when joined the crazy business. He's a Mormon & believes it's his responsibility to provide for wife & family. Thinking on that quote, it's been my way for as long as I can remember, starting with Mom, teachers, government agencies, most anyone; I've always eagerly sought advice & wisdom, then ignored lots of it in determining action.QUESTION 4 Y'ALL: Are most of you like that, too? I can't imagine many of you began living NH on a relative's advice or with permission of someone?!?

[Feminists must sacrifice something--can't do family & job too]--No sacrifice needed; they can create a home-based biz with our company & have the time to be mom--several hundreds, probably thousands, are doing it already with our company! Amazing opportunity again ... Lou!).

[Wrist trauma--avoiding cast]--Due to the 'ol M2M lag-time, by the time you read this, your body will already have healed your wrist & I didn't call you 'cause I didn't want to interfere with your own best action. However, if the writ's still bothering you: Were it my damaged wrist, in addition to the fast, meditation, sleep of NH rec, I'd wrap it in a far-infrared reflecting sports wrap & wrap that in a flexible magnetic wrap. Bodies seem to respond so favorably with this technological restoration of the local environment that healing is generally vastly improved (yes the FIR & biomagnetics heal NOTHING, they just provide the energy our bodies need to function optimally). AND, better ignore all this,'cause, while all true, it's biased 'cause Lou & I are now in the business of selling this technology & building an organization to distribute it in the biggest, most needy market in the world, North America. Any of y'all wanna join us? We don't need/want a LOT of partners, just a few quality ones & NH quality is sure comfortable for us!

[Single mothers are left with no resources]--Hardly. Lou was left in this situation by a former hubby, as was her daughter 25 years later. They both had resources (non-financial, which are the ones that matter, anyhow) & did fairly well & Lou & I have seen many single mothers build huge businesses while helping OTHER single mothers (& everyone else). Some of their financial incomes now dwarf what their lost hubbies provided! & they have more time for their kids. There are many effective ways to help single mothers. Government force is NOT one of them. Home-based businesses are the best way; network marketing biz is the best of those & our company is the best of those (opinion)

[If I ever revert to self-employed status...
]--Lou & I can help you become gloriously self-employed & act as your full-time highly-paid free consultants. Contact us when you're ready! :-)[How much does the magic pillow cost]--Varies with size & type. the "brick", featuring Rubberthane construction ceramic far infrared AND magnetic technologies is available in small & large, & there's also now a soft Swedish foam "wimp" version for us Americans with magnetics but no F.I.R. capacity). They're about $100-130 & like anything else, they're worth nothing if they don't do what folks claim they do & they're worth any price if they do. They do. (actually they don't "do" anything but support the body; the body does the "doing".)

[What are the actual benefits you have received from the products?]--My personal benefits have been very subtle, things like apparent need of less sleep, perhaps due to increased quality sleep, relief of occasional muscle cramps, joint aches, apparent resolution of a few skin problems over a long time period, greater foot comfort since wearing far infrared reflecting socks (amazing technology!). However Lou's benefits were more immediate & major. She now sleeps soundly in the same position as when she goes to bed. For 30 years prior to sleeping with the full magnetic & FIR sleep system,she routinely awoke between 2-3 AM, could not get back to sleep, felt groggy & in need of aspirin, ibuprophen,etc. daily, in rather huge quantities. For 30 years, we tried everything from acupuncture to medical hypnosis, occlusal equilibration, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, biofeedback, whatever would get her off what I realized were poisonous drugs. We concluded that the problems were likely caused by her marriage to an idiot & she foolishly refused divorce. For 18 months now she's totally off all drugs & still married to me. THAT got my attention. Lou's son, Erik, long time chronic-fatigue sufferer, claims the magnetic technology saved his life; Lou's mother, now age 93 is much more lively, mobile & comfortable in her joints since sleeping in the system, wearing magnetic insoles & playing with the magnetic balls, MagBoys daily. We've seen what I consider to be unbelievable life-changing benefits in hundreds of folks with this hi-tech/hi-touch technology. Fun! Find a friend, or better, join us!

[You're still pushing the magnetic theory of health]--Theory, eh? My first magnet was good ol' Mom Earth. Yours, too? The fact that none of us could live for long without the earth's magnetic field ain't theory. Perhaps the idea that we can benefit by augmenting our magnetic field by sleeping, walking, sitting on magnets is theory but the scientific lit cites health improvements with "magnetic therapy" back 2-4,000 years & since '75, 40 million folks worldwide seem to be benefitting from our company's technology. That's a lot of coincidences!

[MLM makes your family & friends into customers, a cheap thing to do to our most important relationships]
--WOW!! That sez something important about either the importance of your relationships or the implications of your definition of "customer". Are you considering a customer as a loser, a sucker? (that which you provide him is worth less to him than whatever he's trading for it??). If a customer is a beneficiary (that which you're providing is MORE valuable to him than what he's trading for it) everybody wins, then why would you want to deprive your closest friends/relatives of this benefit? Anyhow, the powerful part of network marketing is in building a network of partners rather than customers. That's the phase of growth we're presently enjoying with our company. Exciting times! Wanna join us?

Five Pillars of Health--Tying it all together--the step beyond Natural Hygiene! We know about NH's requisites of Optimum Health: rest, sleep, clean air, pure water, natural food, exercise, relationships, productive work, sunlight, etc., etc. (& I add "optimum magnetic field" & political freedom, since we now have some control over those two aspects of our environment). Our company's vision of World Health is being achieved thru the oriental concept of the Five Pillars of Health

[Pain in Butt]--Were it my butt or sciatic nerve, for "treatment" I'd massage the area with MagBoys & wear MagSteps (insoles) & a back flex flexible magnetic pad with the optimal magnetic pattern ; for "prevention", I'd sleep on a magnetic mattress under a far-infrared comforter (with eyes closed, meditating on the butt, of course -- butt then that meditation's probably "therapy"). We've sure seen & heard of lots of cases of phenomenal improvement with this weird technology!

[Pro golfers even tote their magnetic beds on tours]--Yep & so does Lou & 11/14 our company unveiled a brand new travel sleep pad, complete with all the magnetics of their full thickness mattress & portable pads that folds to tote-bag size & weighs 1 1/2#: the answer for traveling athletes or other humans!

[Magnetic Energy--What Is It? Does It Affect Human Health?]--Fact: I dunno what it is, opinion: mebbe no one knows. Fact: It's been proven that we can't live long without magnetic energy. The earth is a magnet. & Our earth's magnetic field has been decreasing 5%/century for a few thousand years & we humans have isolated ourselves even further from it in steel cars, re-bar/concrete-floored buildings, surrounded by copper wire emitting unhealthful alternating current.

[Business is a crap shoot, MLM separates a fool from his money]--If it were a crapshoot, one could improve the odds by stacking the deck, selecting a 23-year-old stable company comprised of honest, intelligent folks, working only with pleasant people in an industry about to explode in growth (like the alternative health products industry) & with a proven history of helping folks achieve whatever level of balanced life they desire. 97% failure rate not likely in this case.

[If anything would help in business, it would be a mentor & they are harder to find than hen's teeth]--Not in our company! The wonderful woman who introduced us to this business spends many hours each week in our behalf, teaching, demonstrating, facilitating our success & the PhD nurse who introduced her to our company also spends many hours each month on the phone with me, Lou & friends we're helping. And the woman who sponsored, her & the woman who sponsored her also help us whenever we call them. I've spent hours on the phone in 3-way calls with dozens of mentors in our company, all enthusiastically ready, able & willing to mentor us anytime, even if there's no direct financial incentive. The company seems to attract mentors. Fun! Great cure for the sour attitude you seemed to express in that last contribution, Harold. This thing is exploding due to the positive effects on ALL of the Five Pillars of Health, not just the financial one! :-)


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