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"Lots of friends ask about "TMJ" & I've been reluctant to dive into this discussion because it can get complicated, time-consuming & I won't recommend anything without a comprehensive examination, extensive x-rays, diagnostic models, in-depth consultation with the owner of the body delving into ALL five Pillars of Health, etc., etc., etc..

However, here's a brief summation of my 30+ years of study & practice regarding "TMJ":

1--"TMJ" is a structure, not a disease or condition. It is the joint between the skull and the jaw, between the temporal bones and the mandible, including the articulating surface of those three bones, the cartilage covering them, the disk between them, the ligaments supporting & connecting those parts, the sheath containing the joints and the synovial fluid within, as well as the blood vessels, lymphatics & nerves within the structures. "I have TMJ" = "I have elbow.", or "I have pancreas.".

2--Most (probably about 95%) "TMJ" symptoms do not originate from the joint, but from spasms of the muscles that operate the joint, usually the medial or lateral pterygoidmuscles, which is probably why the magnetic and far-infrared energy products are often helpful in allowing the body to relax those muscles & thus relieve the pain.

The other 5% of symptoms may be due to actual deterioration of or damage to the disk, condyles or the glenoid fossa (the part of the skull against which the jaw moves). In my opinion, those are the only cases where surgery MIGHT help & if it were MY body, I'd explore lots of other options before accepting the filet "solution".

3--The best solution is the same as for any other "disease', "condition", "symptom": determine the causes, eliminate them and supply the requisites of health. Only the body can heal; drugs, surgery, doctors, therapists & therapies can't heal anything.

4--Determining the causes can be a little tricky. For every cause, there are "experts" who swear that their favorite "cause" is responsible for 80+% of the symptoms & those causes may include:

A--Emotional Stress causing clenching & grinding (bruxing) the teeth during sleep or during wakefulness, causing spasms of those muscles & therefore pain.
My Rx:
Humans Being More Training, prn

B--Occlusal Stress ("unbalanced bite"), causing the muscle spasms & pain (can be iatrogenic, eg, the dentist places a restoration in a tooth that can trigger the spasms if it's "too high"). It's fairly easy to determine if this is the main cause: If the upper & lower teeth don't contact, there's no occlusal stress, so ask the dentist to build a Mandibular Repositioning Device (MRA), often erroneously called a "splint", or just live & sleep with a cotton roll or similar object between the front teeth & see if the symptoms resolve.

If occlusal trauma is the primary cause, the dentist (if properly trained) can add to or subtract from the biting surfaces of the teeth to get the position of the jaw when the teeth are in complete contact to be in harmony with the most healthful position of the jaw joints ("so that "Centric Occlusion" equals "Centric Relation"). Or one can wear the MRA most of the time, or one can learn to live & sleep with the teeth slightly apart and the tip of the tongue on the little bump on the roof of the mouth just behind the two front teeth. that seems to be the most physiologically comfortable position for those structures & the position where the body seems to "center" & test stronger with Applied Kinesiology.

The only times the upper teeth should contact the lower teeth is about 2,000 times a day & another 1,00 times a nite, during swallowing. The teeth don't normally contact when we chew, 'cause as soon as they get thru the food, they immediately pull apart. 99% of wear of teeth occurs thru bruxing, usually during sleep & that's also when those spasms are triggered if the "bite is off", causing the "TMJ" symptoms.

C--Trauma (eg, a blow to the jaw, having the jaw cranked open too wide for too long as in a dental visit or fellatio ... supply your own politically-correct term) damaging structures--this one's the only relatively easy one to diagnose cause & generally responds with full hydration of the tissues & rest to allow the body to heal

D--Other, Unknown (Idiopathic) & combinations of causes

5--So what Energy products would I use if MY body were experiencing the symptoms?

A--Optimized Living Water to fully hydrate all he cells.
B--1,600 gauss Equilateral Triangle magnetic pad over each TMJ (just in front of the ears)--the gauss strength is enough to penetrate to those deeper muscles
C--Biaxial Magnetic Rotational Wand to help relieve acute pain
D--Equilateral Triangle magnetic insoles--the body seems to be able to use all the other technologies 2-3 times better when these are worn!
E--magnetic necklace, ear rings may help the body maintain that relaxation ('tho I'd have to be in considerable pain before I'd wear ear rings)
F--Joint formula with Cetyl Myristoleate
G--Of course, I'd sleep beneath a magnetic, far-infrared comforter atop a magnetic Mattress & Pillow.

Details at www.wellness-forever.com.


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